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Larsons Department Store… Story by Lydia Martin

Larson’s, a 3 chain department store here in North Idaho, has been around since the 1940s. There are 3 store locations, one in downtown Sandpoint, one in downtown Bonners Ferry and one in downtown Grangeville. The store located in Sandpoint is generally acknowledged as the oldest business in Sandpoint.

Halloween at Larsons… Larsons now manager infront of the Larsons Sandpoint store during Halloween. Photo By: Kai Eagley
Halloween at Larsons… Larsons now manager in front of the Larsons Sandpoint store during Halloween. Photo By: Kai Eagley

Larsons, whose current owner is Dick Larson, started as a partnership store with Jennestad’s store in 1908, located just down the street from the current Larson’s store. Then Dick’s father Lloyd and his uncle Thor bought the J.A Foster & Co. store in 1940, and started their first store.

In 1964, Lloyd then bought out Thor’s share of the store and replaced him with his son Dick. Dick has been working there ever since. In 1970 the Larsons bought the building on First Ave from Jim and Page Parsons. Then in 1978 Lloyd Larson retired and Dick took over as general manager of the store.

In 2000 Dick Larson and his wife Linda bought the old J.C Penny’s store in Bonners Ferry next to the Post Office. After remodeling, they opened the Bonner’s store. In 2010 Dick and Linda purchased the old Miller hardware store in downtown Grangeville, from John and Annelle Urbahn. After another remodeling they opened the third store in October of 2010.

Entrenched Legacy... Larsons Clothing Store is one of the oldest buisnesses in Sandpoint. Photo By: Kai Eagley
Entrenched Legacy… Larsons Clothing Store is one of the oldest buisnesses in Sandpoint. Photo By: Kai Eagley

Currently Larson’s store is doing well, but as with many small clothing stores, its biggest competition is Online shopping, as said by the current manager Lindsey Larson.  Online shopping is a major industry and sometimes it’s a hindrance to small businesses. They have about 10-12 employees in Sandpoint and in all three stores combined about 22-24 employees.

If you’re looking for a job, Larsons loves High school students who come and work for them. Anyone who’s out going, loves clothes and knows how to run a computer.  If you are interested in going to Larsons, make sure to check out one of their three stores.

New Students in FBCS… Story by Leah Roth

With every school year comes an influx of new faces, and often we don’t take the time to say hi. The Bird Eye News recently interviewed some of these new students and here are a few of their responses.

Question 1: What was your first impression of our High School?

Freshman Thomas Carty: “My first impression of when I first arrived was amazement. Compared to the Sandpoint High School which I had considered, I was very impressed. The overall layout and openness of The Forrest Bird Charter School makes it fell very relaxing and comforting in contrast to the claustrophobic halls of the standard High School.”

Socializing in the Commons… An aerial perspective of the study lab.
Socializing in the Commons… An aerial perspective of the study lab.

Sophomore Lydia Martin: “My first impression was quite good. I like the teachers and I enjoy all my classes. The people are pretty nice and I look forward to making some new friends.”

Question 2: Why did you decide to come to FBCS?

Freshman Lucy Lang: “I have been homeschooled for the last few years, and my parents decided I should go to Charter School for High School.”

Freshman Reese Litster: “They have a very specific teaching style that I liked, and I wanted to come here and be a part of that teaching system.”

Freshman Tracy Mullinax: “I came here because I went to a very small school back in California, so I am used to smaller schools, and Sandpoint High is definitely bigger than here.”

Question 3: What is something interesting about you?

New Students and Magic… Freshman Reese Litster and his friend Ben play Magic in study lab.
New Students and Magic… Freshman Reese Litster and his friend Ben play Magic in study lab.

Sophomore Griffin Smith: “I slept with my door open from 8 to 11 years old because I was scared the snake from Harry Potter was going to kill me.”

Freshman Jeremy Trantum: “Interesting things about me: I am really good at fixing most small motor vehicles. I am good at coding, computers and programming robots. I am really good at riding dirt bikes and taking them apart and putting them together.”
Junior Eliza Litster: “I lived in the Dominican Republic for three months a couple of years ago.”

On behalf of everyone here at Forrest Bird Charter School, I’d like to welcome you all to our school! We hope you enjoy your time with us!


How not to ask someone out to Prom

The top five things not to do when asking someone out to prom. This helpful guide should help students to navigate through the mostly arbitrary event of prom, which has in recent years been trivialized and its image tainted by popular mass media. Bird Eye News takes a stand against the big corporations through comedy.

Script and Video by Lauren and Leah Roth, respectively.


Sugar Fast, Not So Fast… Story By: John Holmes

Sugar Fast, Not So Fast…
Story By: John Holmes

A bitter ritual is on its third term – one in which our own school chooses to participate. It is that of the sugar detox. Every year, members of our school community partake in this sugar fast. In the past, this event has been held February, but for the first time is being conducted in January. However, should this abstention of sugar completely cut out all forms of sugar, or only certain elements of a diet?

Decisions about sugar…what foods will you eat? Photo by National Institute of Health.
Decisions about sugar…what foods will you eat? Photo by National Institute of Health.

To answer this question, let’s take a look at the science of sugar. The human body only requires one form of sugar – glucose. According to Dr. Kristina Rother, a NIH pediatrician, glucose is an important source of fuel for the body. The brain requires it for energy. As the European Food Information Council states, an average-weight human needs to consume around 200 grams of glucose a day, a third of which is used for brain energy.

However, the body can manufacture glucose simply by digesting carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. You don’t need the candy bars to gain your energy.

But what about natural sugars? Can you eat these in the detox?

Many different foods – such as fruits, vegetables, and milk – have natural sugars in them. These sugars are much healthier than the processed kind, and they also have many nutrients. For example, an apple has approximately 10.39 grams of sugar (according to the USDA), but they also have many minerals and can be beneficial to your health.

Now what are some of the side effects of this sugar diet?

The main repercussion of a sugar detox is sugar withdrawal. Eating is a pleasurable experience to our bodies, triggering the release of dopamine, which is the chemical that causes us to feel rewarded. This process is especially susceptible to sweet flavors. This is because sweetness tells our brain that a food, at least in the natural world, contains carbohydrates.

Sugar…how does it affect you? Photo by WeKnowOurDreams.com.
Sugar…how does it affect you? Photo by WeKnowOurDreams.com.

Most of the food we consume today, however, have large amounts of sugar. The greater amount of sweetness causes a greater amount of dopamine release, giving our brains a chemical “high.”

When we eat less sugar, less dopamine is produced. Our brains want that higher amount of dopamine produced, so they respond with a sugar withdrawal.

What are some of the symptoms of a sugar withdrawal? In a 2002 study, scientists at Princeton University fed Male rats large amounts of sugar, and then deprived them of it for 24 hours. After the rats were deprived of the sugar, they began to show signs of withdrawal, including paw tremors, reduced time in a maze, and anxiety. According to the results, the anxiety levels suggested a dependence on sugar, similar to the effect one gets form nicotine.

Now that you know the science of the detox, it is up to you to decide. Do you want to completely rid your diet of sugar, or will you only subtract certain sources of sugar? It is your choice.