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Cell Phone Addiction… Story by Lydia Martin

Phones: a device that has overtaken the world. A reasonably small object that easily fits in your pocket is controlling our society. When the very first mobile phone was made in 1973, it was used for one thing: to call and talk to someone. Now almost 45 years later, cell phones are used for everything from calling or texting to playing games or solving a math equation. You basically have every book ever written on one note card sized phone.

About 36% of the world’s population owns a phone and about 68% of Americans own a smartphone. Now, I own a phone and in no way am I saying it a bad thing. In fact it can be quite helpful. For example, if you need to contact someone who is at work, or to find information for a project. The problem comes when people abuse the job of the phone or overuse it. When it becomes an addiction. It is going to affect your life, and it will have consequences.

Device is life… It seems that we hardly leave our phone more than a few feet away. Photo by: jetmag.com
Device is life… It seems that we hardly leave our phone more than a few feet away. Photo by: jetmag.com

Here are some statistics about cell phone ownership from psychguides.com:

  • 60% of U.S. college students consider themselves to have a cell phone addiction.
  • 71% of people sleep with or next to their cell phones.
  • Nearly 40% of people never disconnect from cell phones, even while on vacation.
  • 44% of Americans say they couldn’t go a day without their mobile devices.

These statistics are concerning and show that our world revolves around cell phones.

There can be major consequences to having a phone addiction. When I got my first device, an iPod, I told myself this would never happen. Sadly, I didn’t really go through with it. If I was bored the first thing I would do would be to either check Facebook or watch YouTube. I was on my device a lot and I felt is change my family life. This happens to families all around America. Finally I realized I was truly on my device too much and so I made a change. I have realized that having an addition to a phone or other device has consequences.

A Secret Addition… Many students can be secretly on their phones in class. Photo by: Kai Eagley
A Secret Addition… Students secretly on their phones in class. Photo by: Kai Eagley

It appears that some millennials of this world don’t seem to realize this. People divide from family, become afraid to not have their phone, and in some cases, even die because they were staring at their phone and crash or get hit by a car.

Our world needs to realize what is happening to our world and make a change. Yes phones are nice but in no way do we need to be on it all the time. Some changes we can make are: Raise awareness because most people don’t realize they are addicted to their phone. Personally: if you notice you are on your phone a lot, turn it all the way off. Yes that can be hard but it helps. Go do something else to get your mind of your phone and social media. Take a walk, play a board game with someone or read a book. These may seem like small things but over time it will make a difference.

“There are multiple ways to say goodbye” Story by Alistair King

“There are multiple ways to say goodbye” Story by Alistair King

For the past couple month’s students have been perplexed by one thing… What’s Mrs. Amanda’s big news? Some people got close with guessing that she would be travelling overseas, and the top guesses were Pregnancy/Ability to Conceive, and Husbands Paperwork came through. While these weren’t correct Mrs. Amanda Stated that “It would be lovely to see his green card.”

Today we finally found out the truth, and the news is that she got

New Campus, Mrs. Amanda's new campus will be amazing.
New Campus, Mrs. Amanda’s new campus will be amazing.

accepted to Washington State University with a full scholarship to get her masters in Spanish. Mrs. Amanda stated that “As a teacher you can’t get ahead in a bachelors degree, it’s not enough money.”

That’s what makes this an amazing opportunity; she has been offered a full ride as well as a stipend to attend the school. Not only that but full health benefits. Mrs. Amanda states “This is my dream.” She applied for this opportunity and out of a mass of teachers, “they were crazy enough to pay me to go back to school.”

Teachers these days are not even remotely paid enough to get this opportunity by themselves. They often have to rely on spousal support,

Mrs. Amanda will be studying Spanish literature such as Don Quixote, other traditional Spanish literature, and some modern literature.

Another question is now in people’s heads is why did she hide this from the students? As she puts it “I’m not afraid of going back to school, I’m afraid I’ll hurt people by leaving. I don’t want people to be hurt.”

Mrs. Amanda will be kept close to us in these following years as she gets her Masters degree. She has taught us a lot and would like to leave us with this final message.
“I wanted to say that in foreign languages there are multiple ways to say goodbye. I’m not saying goodbye, but when we meet again. Even in death I don’t believe in goodbye. I’ll always be around.”

Thank you, Mrs. Amanda, for your kind heart and everything you’ve given us; we will see you around.

Mrs. Amanda’s Big News… Story By: Alistair King

Mrs. Amanda’s Big News… Story By: Alistair King


Big Secret… What could be Mrs. Amanda’s Big News?
Big Secret… What could be Mrs. Amanda’s Big News?

What could this news be? The popular opinion among students is that Mrs. Amanda is having a child, whether it be hers or adopted. On Wednesday the 9th, Mrs. Amanda came up on the stage to announce something. “Something” was literally what she announced.

She announced that she had a secret and that all us students would have to live in suspense for the next three months before she would tell us. Rather than just leave us hanging she announced that it was going to be a game, and that it will be announced on the last Monday of the school year.

Skip forward a week, and the interview with Mrs. Amanda is ongoing. When asked on a scale of 1-10 how exited she was she replied: “12.” Not 11 but 12. She decided to announce it to the Student Body because, “While it’s something personal it is something special that I wanted to share. I had a former teacher who assigned impossible extra credit and I wanted to do something similar.” Don’t worry about it being impossible like her former teacher’s extra credit. Mrs. Amanda has confirmed that; “My big news is not impossible to guess.”

This isn’t all about Mrs. H though. She wanted to make this a game to show that students don’t have to think that what she heard was traumatic news. With the all the stress that students face it can be a good idea to focus on a game for a while.


Baby… One of the most popular options is that Mrs. Amanda has a bun in the oven. Photo By: primobaby.com
Baby… One of the most popular options is that Mrs. Amanda has a bun in the oven. Photo By: primobaby.com

Students can now vote on this website about what you think her big news is, at the end of the year there will be a revealing about the most students thought, and the actual news by Mrs. Amanda.

Due to some slip-ups, we can figure out what the news is by looking at what realistically could be announced over the phone, her behavior, and whether or not she owns a deed to an alpaca farm.

Mrs. Amanda would like to leave us with this very special message: “Webber stop being so nosy.”