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From Bad to Worse: California Disasters… Story by Lydia Martin

Ever since October, California has found itself in a situation well known to the area, as large forest fires started to engulf the state. The fire area ranged from Northern California all the way down to San Diego and has caused at least $9.4 billion in damages to houses, cars, and other public buildings. People are without homes and food and others without family as the death toll is at least 44 people.

Up in flames… A firefighter puts out a flaming palm tree during the Thomas Fire. Photo by: Stuart Palley
Up in flames… A firefighter puts out a flaming palm tree during the Thomas Fire. Photo by: Stuart Palley

It has destroyed up to 281,893 acers making it the worst fire in California since the Santiago Canyon Fire of 1889, which burned at least 300,000 acres. But this is not all.

At the beginning of January, there began a downpour of rain causing flood waters to rise and mud to accumulate and cause serious damage. At least 13 people are dead with those numbers expected to rise. Again, people are without homes and the area is a disaster. Sheriff of Santa Barbara County described the area: “It looked like a World War I battlefield. It was literally a carpet of mud and debris everywhere, with huge boulders, rocks, down trees, power lines, wrecked cars — lots of obstacles and challenges for rescue personnel to get to homes.”

Search and rescue… A group of rescue workers lead a girl out of her collapsed house. Photo by: VenturaCoAirUnit

Rescue workers are out doing what they can to help the people in the area but California might struggle to overcome and recover from these catastrophes. It is especially difficult as the state has just come out of a record breaking drought, and has been ravaged by similar disasters in recent years.

People have been working together to help by opening places for people to stay, doing search and rescue and clearing debris from areas to make it safer. These people are helping those in need and that is a great thing and something that could be done something like this happened in the area. Many people are providing shelter, food and warmth for those in need. California is just one of many examples of catastrophes in our country and world.