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Top Places to Visit in Boise… Story by Eliza Lister

On your next trip to Boise, be sure to add these to your itinerary!

  1. Capital Building

-The Capital building with its marble floors and the stone staircase is a marvelous site to see. Used as the back drop for many engagement, wedding, and senior photos, the architecture of this iconic building is also the backdrop for several political rallies and movement of the state political scene.

  1. Downtown
Birds eye view... Boise’s best angle is from the sky. Photo by Eliza Litster
Birds eye view… Boise’s best angle is from the sky. Photo by Eliza Litster

-Newly remodeled Boise Downtown area, loving renamed BoDo for short, houses shops and restaurants all in walking distance. You should also visit the 8th Street Market Place, Saturday’s farmers market, and the zoo.


  1. BSU Football & Steelheads Hockey

-For those sports enthusiasts, you’ve never seen team pride until you’ve experienced a Boise State home game, with blue turf and painted faces, it’ll be a game to remember. If football isn’t your thing, then you can always watch a brawl on ice by attending an Idaho Steelheads hockey game.

  1. Outdoors

-Outdoor enthusiasts will love the White Water Park, greenbelt, Table Rock, hiking trails in the foothills, Bogus Basin, white water rafting, and floating the Boise River. There are also many parks.

  1. Ghost towns

    Downtown!...Quick look at a street Downtown. Photo by Eliza Litster
    Downtown!… Newly remodeled, you can find many attractions in downtown Boise. Photo by Eliza Lister

-The Wild West wouldn’t be complete without a few ghost towns. Silver City, Pearl Idaho, and Idaho City can each be a pleasant day trip from Boise and well worth the drive.

  1. Historical Sites

-Boise has a rich history, stories can be found at the Train Depot, Penitentiary, and the Historical Museum downtown.

  1. Seasonal Attractions

-No matter the season there is always something going on in the area. Shakespeare in the park, Boise Shakespeare festival, hot air balloon rides, and the State Fair all happen in the summer. The cherry festival in Emmett happens early spring. The Ice festival in McCall and the Festival of Trees downtown all happen during the winter.

New Teacher at FBCS… Story by Aurora Reishus

The Forrest Bird Charter School has received two new staff members this year. One new staff member is Mr. John Stevens, the new history teacher. Mr. Stevens has had experience as a substitute and student teacher, but this is his first year as a full time teacher.

Growing up, Mr. Stevens had always enjoyed school. When he was younger he had thought about becoming a geologist or a paleontologist. “Loved the dinosaurs; a Land Before Time kid,” puts Mr. Stevens. As the new history teacher, Mr. Stevens is extremely passionate about his job. Even as a kid he preferred to watch the History Channel over other TV shows.

Exploring History... Mr. Stevens talks about the explorations of the New World
Exploring History… Mr. Stevens talks about the explorations of the New World

In high school, Mr. Stevens struggled as in the middle of his high school career he became homeless. “Mom left; dad was struggling. There were some times when I tried to reconnect with my dad, but we were living in a rundown house with holes and no running water or electricity,” explains Mr. Stevens. Due to the condition of his father’s house, he often couch-surfed. Before the start of Mr. Stevens’ Junior year of college, his father’s house burnt down. After Mr. Stevens had graduated from Lewis-Clark State College in December of 2015, he got a place of his own.

Before Mr. Stevens became a teacher he worked as a janitor during his time in college. As well as working as a janitor he did yard maintenance and started student and substitute teaching. When asked why he decided to be a teacher he talked about how helpful his teachers had been during his troubling years of high school. “I love the idea of helping others; I always have. I also love history, so those two connected and made it a really easy choice for me to want to be a teacher,” stated Mr. Stevens.

Everything’s Magic… Learning Magic 101 in the Magic club at FBCS
Everything’s Magic… Learning Magic 101 in the Magic club at FBCS

Just like anyone else, Mr. Stevens has a life outside of school. Mr. Stevens described his hobbies with the opening statement, “Any student who knows me already they’ll find out really quickly I’m a huge nerd. I love Magic the Gathering, Dungeons and Dragons, and I like anime too.” Magic, the card game, is one of Mr. Stevens’ favorite things and he has been playing for a very long time. Mr. Stevens is the new advisor to the Magic club at FBCS and is willing to teach anyone who wants to know how to play. Mr. Stevens used to be into the card games YUGIOH and Pokémon as well. Other than participating in Magic tournaments, in his free time, Mr. Stevens also loves to experience nature and goes on walks and hikes.

Mr. Stevens is an important member of FBCS and the community. He is charismatic and friendly and hopes to have a good year teaching. As a new teacher, he hopes to leave a mark of “history” on those he teaches.

All Photos by Aurora Reishus.