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5 Unexpected Things at Prom… Story by Lauren Roth

Prom was even more fun and exciting than I had predicted. But what was even more unexpected was how my peers acted at Prom. Here are the five behaviors I did not expect to see at Prom:

1. A lot of people went without dates. I was pleasantly surprised that so many people were brave enough to go to prom, even if they didn’t have someone to “slow dance” and “take couple pictures” and other couple stuff that we singles wouldn’t know about from personal experience. Bravo to those who went anyway!

2. My peers find dancing awkward too! Though there were some people who just owned the dance floor, the majority of those dancing were in the same boat as me. Most of us were in a
transitional, but totally acceptable and common place where we are only mildly confident about our dancing skills. Congrats to my peers for stepping out of their comfort zones and just dancing!

Under the Blacklight... This years prom theme was much more popular than last year
Under the Blacklight… This years prom theme was much more popular than in previous dances

3. Our seniors are amazing dancers! With their higher status as citizens, and emerging sense of freedom and personal identity, we must respect our seniors by applauding their fearless dancing. Seeing them bust out epic moves definitely made the night entertaining. Special thanks to seniors Martin Chilcott, Connor Conway, Emily Hieronymus, Emily Invernon, Lakiah Turnbull, Andrew Van Winkle, Brandon Michelsen, as well as junior Jared Van Winkle, for making prom exciting.

4.  My peers dance in friend groups. Being in a large group with your friends can make it much more comfortable to dance, as I found out from personal experience. It was by far the most common trend amongst everyone on the dance floor. Thanks to friends for not making us feel absurd while dancing, or dancing absurdly with us.

Hanging with friends… Over 70 students attended prom this year, many of them together
Hanging with friends… Over 70 students attended prom this year, many of them in groups

5. Lastly, I was surprised that so many of my peers came! I was blown away that about 70 people came to prom. Prior to the dance, it seemed like everyone I talked to wasn’t going, so I honestly expected only 20 people to go to prom. Thank you for showing school spirit, and attending this dance!

If you didn’t go to prom, you missed out. According to a survey I conducted with students who went to prom:

  • 100% of the students liked the venue of this year’s prom (At the Warehouse by Evans Bros.) better than last year’s prom venue (At FBCS).
  • 57% of the students liked the theme of black light compared to the 43% of students who did not like the theme of black light.

In summary, this year’s prom was fantastic and I highly anticipate next year’s prom.

How not to ask someone out to Prom

The top five things not to do when asking someone out to prom. This helpful guide should help students to navigate through the mostly arbitrary event of prom, which has in recent years been trivialized and its image tainted by popular mass media. Bird Eye News takes a stand against the big corporations through comedy.

Script and Video by Lauren and Leah Roth, respectively.


Attack on Charter….The Anime Dance Theft Story By: Mack Jastle

Attack on Charter….The Anime Dance Theft Story By: Mack Jastle

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s official.  A new criminal has joined the Forrest Bird wanted list.

Missing….The Anime Dance was cancelled after the money stolen out of Holly’s desk.  Photo-by: The Towne
Missing….The Anime Dance was cancelled after the money stolen out of Holly’s desk. Photo-by: The Towne

On Monday, March 7th, Holly Walker took the microphone at announcements to deliver the news about the Anime Dance, originally planned for Friday, March 11th.  Put on by the Anime club, the dance would have Japanese and American music, and would have been DJ’d by students.

On March 4th (a Friday EAD), Holly’s room and desk were broken into, and all the money collected thus far from ticket sales was taken.  In response to the theft, the Anime Dance was cancelled, and Holly has since stepped down as manager of events for the anime club.  According to reports, several tickets had been sold already, and there was about $30 collected from those ticket sales.

Many student around campus have expressed their dismay at the cancelling of the dance.  A lot of students are angry that the money was stolen, and are a little fed up with this kind of stuff happening.

Now, this isn’t the first time we’ve had instances of thievery or even vandalism on campus.  Last year, during the Piggy Hunt, someone snuck into the office and stole every single prize bag of Skittles.  While this wasn’t quite as serious as student’s hard earned money being stolen, this was dozens of bags of Skittles being stolen.  This isn’t any basic package of M&M’s that were talking about.  It’s sweet, delicious sugary goodness in all the colors of the rainbow.

Wait, what was I talking about?  Oh, right, thievery most foul.

And we’ve had our fair share of other incidents too.  Last year, the school grappled with the efforts of the vigilante known as the ‘Phantom Pisser,’ so named for his scent marking of the boys’ bathroom.  This culminated in an incredibly awkward gender advisory, after which he was never spotted again.


Opportunity lost….The dance would have featured both pop and Japanese music.  Photo-by: dreamstime.com
Opportunity lost….The dance would have featured both pop and Japanese music. Photo-by: dreamstime.com

Considering this past history, it isn’t like this is something we haven’t seen before.  But it is still strange.  What possible reason would someone have to break into Holly’s desk and steal the money?  It doesn’t really jive with the school’s philosophy of thou shalt not steal thine neighbor’s cash.


Regardless of the reasoning, it seems like a pretty petty thing to do.  Stealing money that students put into an event is really low, especially when someone else now has to pay back all of that money.  Holly had taken on the mantle of paying back those students that had bought tickets, and that money is coming out of her own pocket.

The Anime Dance would have filled the gap for dances this trimester, considering the fact that Student Council didn’t host one for 2nd trimester.  However, now students will have to wait till third trimester for prom.

Hopefully, this will mark a new turning point in our school’s history, one where we no longer vandalize or steal from each other.  Then maybe we can finally put on that Border Rave dance I keep hearing about.

Halloween Dance: Drama and Blood Shed?… Story by Miranda Paddack

Halloween Dance: Drama and Blood Shed?


October 30th was filled with blood, sweat, and tears. Actually, it was only filled with sweat from a wonderful dance hosted by the Student Council. This dance had our one and only DJ Paul, a costume contest, and a surprise that was postponed.

“We had a great turn out,” Stated Orion Syth between songs, “We sold nearly 60 tickets!”  According to secretary, Deryk Harlan, the dance made approximately $300 in profit. “The money made from the dance, along with a bit more, are going towards the school Lock-In happening November 10th-11th.”  Along with the turn out number, there was no girl’s bathroom drama.  Not one ounce of drama or backstabbing was reported at this dance. However, buckets and buckets of sweat could have been collected.

The costume contest winners were announced November 2nd. For those who missed it, first place was Jason Snyder, second place went to Samantha Miller and Jacob Colegrove, and best group costume went to Ariel Miller and Sloan Warner. Maybe next year they will have two spots open for best group costume!

A wide variety of music was played, everything from Lip Gloss by Lil Mama to Santeria by Sublime. Ending the dance with the Time Warp from Rocky Horror Picture Show, the student council out-did themselves. Handing out candy and chips at the dance, rocking the decorations, and hosting a, from what I gather a drama free night. They put their best foot forward, but can they step it up for prom?