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Turpin “Family” Terror… Story by Catherine Ross

On the outside they appeared to be the average family. As average as one can be with 13 children. The Turpin family, a family which neighbors seldom saw in the daytime, had a story that shocked the nation. Many people saw them at a few events and even spoke to them, but didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary. They all just looked like children with their parents. Nobody would’ve expect the 29 year old daughter to weigh 82 pounds. They mistook her for a child, they mistook all six adults for children. This was due to the years of neglect, abuse, inhumane treatment, and torture that 12 of the 13 children received everyday of their lives.

The family of fifteen have been living in Perris, California since 2014 when they moved from Texas. The children of the Turpin house were rescued on January 14th, 2018 after one of their daughters, age 17, escaped out of a window and called 911 from a deactivated phone. She told them that her siblings were being held against their will and were living in conditions they shouldn’t be living in. The youth even provided photo evidence to prove her claims. All 13 children’s names and identities are being hidden from the public due to the extremity of the abuse allegations.

Personal handwritten notes are seen on the front door of the Turpin family's home ahead of another court hearing. arrested on January 14 for allegedly torturing and starving their 13 children. Photo by: Frederic J. Brown/ AFP/Getty Images
Personal handwritten notes are seen on the front door of the Turpin family’s home ahead of another court hearing. Photo by: Frederic Brown/Getty Images

The parents, Louise and David Turpin were arrested that day, later to receive almost 40 charges each due to the mistreatment and imprisonment of their children. The rescue couldn’t have come sooner. The inside of the house certainly lived up to the nickname ‘house of horrors’. Chains and ropes were attached to beds, fecal matter from not only the children but also household pets were found in the bedrooms which the children were allowed in, and hundreds of journals were later recovered in the home.


The 17 year old girl which had escaped and saved her family later revealed that the escape had been planned for two years, and they had just been waiting for a chance to get out of there. Now these children were not only physically and mentally abused, but they were also deprived of an education. Some of the Turpin kids had no idea what a police officer was, and the 17 year old was confused as to what medicine and pills were when asked about them by the police officers. The mental state of each child is much more critical some would image. The physical malnourishment is very apparent as well, some of the older children appearing to be the size of 10 year olds while having the knowledge of a first grader.

While all 13 children are receiving medical care, their parents have been in jail, sentenced to a court date on February 24th of this year. Both parents have denied all claims against them and haven’t admitting to doing a single thing to any one of their children. There is a restraining order on both parents, as they will be unable to speak to their children without it being through a social worker or lawyer, and they are also unable to get within 100 feet of their children. They will not be allowed to know the whereabouts of any of their children, and if found guilty, will be facing 94 years in prison.

Fictitious Family... Various  photos on Facebook displayed a happy looking family of 15, the children all wearing matching outfits. Photo by: people.com
Fictitious Family… Various photos on Facebook displayed a happy looking family of 15, the children all wearing matching outfits. Photo by: people.com

Since neither Louise nor David have admitted to any of the charges, the public has been turning to psychological professionals who specialize in this field. Stockholm syndrome isn’t uncommon in this type of family abuse, and it is likely that the Turpin children (despite what they have gone through) still view their parents as their parents and have some form of ‘love’ towards them. People as influential as Dr. Phil are saying that it’s a possibility that the children may actually miss their parents.


Kidnap victim Natascha Kampusch feels that the children should meet their parents again, not necessarily because of an emotional attachment such as loving or missing them. But rather for closure. Whether they yell at their parents, cry, scream, it doesn’t matter. They need to tell them “whether they hate them or forgive them”. Establishing that sense of closure is what people need in order to move on. Kampusch expressed her opinions strongly in her interview with The Sun, encouraging the Turpin kids to face their parents and receive that closure they need.

Abuse is something that is difficult to recover from, which is why, if you or someone you know is getting abused, please contact someone immediately. Abuse can be hidden from the public eye or can be very noticeable, but please, if you are at the receiving end or suspect that someone is being abused, talk to someone of authority or someone you feel most comfortable with. If you need to call someone, please call the National Domestic Violence Hotline (1−800−799−7233) or the Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline (1-800-422-4453). These hotlines are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.



Doomsday Clock Changes… Story by Aurora Reishus

Recently, the infamous “Doomsday Clock” has been reduced to two minutes to midnight. Though an easy target for fear mongering, what is it’s actual relevance and purpose?

There are many factors pertaining to the latest movement of the Doomsday Clock. The most major of those reasons is the ever increasing risk of nuclear warfare due to North Korea nuclear weapons program’s latest developments as well as the uncertainty of the Iran nuclear deal. Other reason why they moved the clock include the increasing climate temperatures and the relationships between the United States and countries such as Russia, North Korea, and China.

The Doomsday Clock was first created in 1947 by Hyman Goldsmith and Martyl Langsdorf. Martyl Langsdorf was the artist behind the clock’s design and originally set the clock at seven minutes. The clock’s creation was made to symbolize how close the world is to a man-made disaster.

Bleeding time...A diagram depicting every time the Doomsday Clock has been moved, both towards and away from the end. Photo by: BBC
Bleeding time…A diagram depicting every time the Doomsday Clock has been moved, both towards and away from the end. Photo by: BBC

When the clock was first created, the eminent threat were nuclear weapons testing between the Soviet Union and the United States.

In the early days of the clock’s creation, Eugene Rabinowitch, a scientist and editor of the Bulletin was the person who decided if the clock hand was to be moved and would later explain the reasoning. After his death in 1973, the Bulletin’s Science and Security Board received the responsibility of looking over the clock. The Science and Security Board meet every year to discuss world events to determine if the clock is to be reset or moved forward.

The first time the clock hands moved was in 1949 after the Soviet Union successfully tested the first atomic bomb; the hands were moved from seven minutes to three minutes till midnight. Since its first move and its most recent (January 2018) the clock has been moved a total of 23 times.

Currently, the Doomsday clock reads at two minutes till midnight; the only other time the clock has been this close to midnight was in 1953 after the Soviet Union and the United States tested nuclear weapons within months of each other.

There are many factors pertaining to the latest movement of the Doomsday Clock. The most major of those reasons is the ever increasing risk of nuclear warfare due to North Korea nuclear weapons program’s latest developments as well as the uncertainty of the Iran nuclear deal. Other reason why they moved the clock include the increasing climate temperatures and the relationships between the United States and countries such as Russia, North Korea, and China.

Although the clock is currently at two minutes, there is no need to panic. The Doomsday Clock is only a symbol for how close humans are to possibly destroying the world, and even that’s a harsh way of putting it. Mr. Stevens, History teacher at FBCS, explained the clock as marking “the potential end of nuclear annihilation and how messed up we are in society.”

Time to make a difference... FBCS students create a life-size model of the doomsday clock. Photo by: Aurora Reishus
Time to make a difference… FBCS students create a life-size model of the doomsday clock .Photo by: Aurora Reishus

The media, like with most things, is only using the Doomsday clock to scare people into seeing the consequences of their actions. The Doomsday Clock is only there to raise awareness to people and hopefully make them see the errors of their ways. To quote Mr. Webber, Social Studies and Journalism teacher at FBCS, “The Doomsday Clock gets people to be aware of the threat humanity is always under, and I think that’s probably the ego of humanity itself and the decisions it [the human ego] makes.” Or in the words of Mr. Stevens, “It [the Doomsday Clock] is the fear we live off of.”

Although Mr. Webber and Mr. Stevens find the Doomsday Clock to be the driving force humanity needs to open their eyes to change; they both agree that scaring people into changing is not the best course of action. Mr. Stevens even said, “It [the Doomsday Clock] needs to stay as much as I hate it.”

There has to be a better way to raise awareness and get people to change. As Mr. Webber said, “This is the planet that we live on, and we should be taking care of it.” People need to start thinking of the future and find a way to reverse some of the damage that has been done, or there might not be much of a future.



NFL Advert Controversy… Story by Lydia Martin

NFL protests have been going on for years, and recently opened again with the issue of professional football players kneeling, sitting, or not even entering the field for the national anthem. Then, the NFL rejected an ad for the super bowl that said, “Please stand” as in referring to the anthem.

The American Veterans (AMVETS) submitted an ad asking for donations to the organization for individuals who have served in the U.S. military and also includes the message “Please Stand.” The NFL refused to put this ad on the super bowl. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell defended the decision Tuesday citing, in part, the league’s policy against ads that carry a political message.

Game day protests… Players have kneeled in the National Anthem to highlight racial inequality and solidarity. Photo by: Mark Rebilas
Game day protests… Players have kneeled in the National Anthem to highlight racial inequality and solidarity. Photo by: Mark Rebilas

However, some people are arguing that the saying “Please Stand” is not political. While this may be valid, President Trump has taken a vocal stance on Twitter against the protests, asking NFL owners to fire such players.

CBS stated that “Please Stand” refers to those NFL players who took a knee during the national anthem to protest social injustice.” But, the executive director of AMVETS, Joe Chenelly, defended their reasoning behind placing the ad, and said they only wanted to exercise their free speech just like the players who kneel during the national anthem, and they weren’t targeting the players specifically. If the NFL players can kneel as a form of free speech, then the AMVETS can us this ad as their free speech.

The NFL suggested other forms of the phrase such as “Please Honor Our Veterans” and “Please Stand for Our Veterans,” according to NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy. However, Marion Polk, the American Veterans national commander said ““We decided that we were not going to change our ad. We placed it as ‘Please Stand’ and under the First Amendment we have the right to do that.”

"Please Stand”…All players on Sunday’s game stood during the Anthem. Photo by: Hill news
“Please Stand”…All players on Sunday’s game stood during the anthem, a contrast to protests in games earlier in the year. Photo by: Hill news

This whole situation can be considered a violation of the first amendment, but at the same time, the NFL might say they have a right to show what they want. Later the NFL accepted an ad from the Veterans of Foreign Wars, with a message of “We Stand for Veterans.”

Interestingly enough, during the Super bowl this Sunday, during the National Anthem, no one protested. We don’t know why, but it is believed to be the doing of the NFL. Because of the protests this year the NFL has been getting less views, and if these players are seen standing and respecting the flag then ratings may go up. However it is still unknown why no one protested during this year’s super bowl. The protests may dying down, or it could be a temporary pause that will explode again in the years or months to come.



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Super Blue Blood Moon… Story by Luke Krautkremer

On January 31st, 2018 an extremely rare astronomical event occurred. This was the “Super Blue Blood Moon”. It has this name because at the time of the event the moon was being affected by a combination of a few different sub-celestial events.

First off, a “Super Moon” is when the moon appears to be larger and brighter because it is at its perigee while it’s full. A perigee is just a term for when the moon is closest to the earth in its orbit, this combined with the moon being full creates a Super Moon.

Moon impression… A student’s sketch of the recent blood moon event. Photo by: Luke Krautkremer

Although to the amateur star-gazer the effects of a Super Moon can be hard to see with the naked eye, the Super Moon appears to be 7% larger, and 16% brighter than an average full moon. There has been a large amount of Super Moons recently. There was one in November that was the closest Super Moon to the Earth since January 26th, 1948. “Super Moon” is not the technical name, it is “Perigee-syzygy”.

A “Blue Moon” is the term that refers to when a full moon appears twice in one month. Full moons appear roughly every 29.5 days so it is highly unlikely that a full moon will appear twice in one month, hence the saying “Once in a Blue Moon”. Blue Moons are actually not that rare and happen about every 2.7 years. Typically, Blue Moons do not actually appear to be Blue. Although, moons actually can appear to be blue. If there is enough dust in the air it can act as a sort of filter that makes the moon appear to be blue.

A “Blood Moon”, or lunar moon, occurs during a lunar eclipse where the moon is eclipsed by the earth from the sun. This causes the moon to turn red since the moon is in the Earth’s shadow, which keeps the moon from getting almost any sunlight to reflect from the sun. The small amount of sunlight the moon does get comes from the atmosphere of the planet.

 Blood Moon Sighting... A student captures the “Super Blue Blood Moon." Photo By: Sean Korbitz
Blood Moon Sighting… A student captures the “Super Blue Blood Moon.” Photo By: Sean Korbitz

This causes the moon to have a red-orange color in appearance. The reason for the color is the same reason that sunrises and sunsets have their color along with the sky. It’s called “Rayleigh scattering” a process in which small particles disrupt the particles of radiation causing them to change in color.

If you missed the Super Blue Blood Moon, then you won’t be seeing it again anytime soon. The last one that was observable in the U.S. was in 1866. When asked what he thought about the Super Blue Blood Moon, student Troy Shepherd said “I thought that it was pretty nifty.” He said that he saw it for only five minutes and “From our area [Bonners Ferry] it was red with a bit of blue.” John Stevens told me that he thought that it was “Really cool. Once in a lifetime experience I’d say.”


Bitcoin: Digital Currency or Digital Tax Evasion?… Story by Skyler Kent

In recent years, cryptocurrency has become, for some, a new standard of paying for items on the internet. While this highly volatile currency has become a near overnight phenomenon, there might be a more sinister meaning to it. However, before we jump into that, we should address the question that some people might have: what is bitcoin?

Bitcoin’s origins can be traced back 2009 when an anonymous person who went by Satoshi Nakamoto invented the currency. This currency was attractive to many because it eliminated the “middle man,” i.e. banks. Another reason people were attracted to it was the fact that it could be used anonymously, and that bitcoins are not tied to any countries monetary regulations. While bitcoins are not universally accepted everywhere, some companies such as Overstock (an online furniture retailer) and Expedia (a hotel booking website) allow bitcoins to be used as payment.

Student Ethan VanGundy explaining to the FBCS Journalism class how Crypto-Currency works. Photo by: Skyler Kent
Student Ethan VanGundy explaining to the FBCS Journalism class how Crypto-Currency works. Photo by: Skyler Kent

Before 2017, a single bitcoin was worth around 900 USD. As of last year, it skyrocketed into twenty of thousands of dollars.

There are two ways to get Bitcoin(s). One of which is to do what is called “mining.” Where multiple people compete against each other to solve equations, whoever completes the equation first is awarded a set amount of bitcoin(s). The other method of getting them is by helping decode bitcoin payments. Every year the production of bitcoins slows and will eventually they will stop being produced. People don’t usually have the money to spend on making the best mining rig to become successful in mining, which leave the only option is to trade it. Websites offer the ability to trade regular currency to bitcoins as well as other types of crypto-currency.

Owning bitcoins isn’t as simple has putting coins in a wallet. Or is it? Bitcoins are stored in “digital wallets.”, which exists either in the cloud on the persons computer. The wallet is, in a way, like a bank account in that it allows the users to send and receive bitcoins. However, there is nothing insuring the wallets, so if the wallets were to be accidently deleted, then they are gone forever.

Also some have been looking out how it can be used for tax evasion. A prime reason that this could be occurring is the fact that bitcoin has near complete anonymity. That translates to having the currency being able to be traded to anyone anywhere with little record of the transaction taking place, as the only thing that is recorded in a bitcoin transaction is the wallet id of the sender and the recipient.

Rise and Fall... Bitcoins value has drastically changed in recent months. Photo by: Bitcoin.xyz
Rise and Fall… Bitcoins value has drastically changed in recent months. Photo by: Bitcoin.xyz

In the United States, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) classifies bitcoin income as income and expects people to pay income tax on it. However, due to the anonymity, it becomes difficult to prove if people are receiving income from them.

Recently the South Korean Government after conducting raids against bitcoin exchanges for committing tax evasion, have stated that legislation is on the way to ban cryptocurrency from being traded. This would add them to the list of countries that have already banned them, which includes Bangladesh, and Bolivia.

All in all, it can’t be said whether the true purpose of bitcoin is to give criminals a way to purchase goods with near anonymity, or to just be a currency that is purely digital. However, with the possible bans and decreasing value, the future of cryptocurrency may be in jeopardy.


Interview with Beet and Basil… Story by Leah Roth

Sandpoint has had its cornerstone restaurants around for decades, serving their trademark dishes and family comfort food for as long as locals can remember. However, when coming up with the idea for their restaurant, owners Jeremy and Jessica Holzapfel wanted to do something unique.

“There [were] a lot of different people that wanted to come into this space but…what it came down to was they were all high end fine dining restaurants again…they do higher end food, but we aren’t that …we prefer to bring alternative food into town and to fill a niche that never existed, or fill a niche that existed but that no one ever attempted to fill.”

After working for a variety of different restaurants both here and in Seattle, Jessica began to experiment with different exotic ingredients and spices.

“…we would leave town to find Indian food, to go get Pho, to go get Malaysian fried rice. We’d go to the international district in Seattle and walk around and try random things that we have no idea what it is because it’s not in English and then decipher what it is once we’re eating it…as we went to spice stores, she (Jessica) would open the different spices and smell them. She bought endless spices just to try, to experiment. So…for the last decade our house was like a constant array of different smells. You felt like you were in a different country every other day when you walked in our house just because of how intense the spice aromas were, because she’d be stewing something or something would be brining. She’s not afraid of spice, but she also learned how to balance it, and that’s really great for these dishes that she does here.”

While living in Seattle, they had an idea for a restaurant.

“So Beet and Basil was an idea that we’d had when we were a little bit younger in Seattle. Jessica had been bouncing around kitchens in Seattle, kind of learning on the fly… she started working at a bunch of different restaurants in Seattle, and she worked at this one ‘Poppy’ up on Capitol Hill, and it was an Indian fusion restaurant. The [chef] of the restaurant was (also) the chef at a really famous restaurant called ‘The Herb Farm’ (which) has a farm on premises, (and the restaurant is located) outside of Seattle. They harvest all of their own herbs and all these different things so they can integrate them into the dishes, and the dishes are very high end, fine dining. So as she was working for him in Seattle…they had people that just brought them strawberries, and they had…several people that brought them mushrooms and that foraged for them in the mountains.

Goblet of Fire… the spicy Chicken Vindaloo Bowl features a myriad of Indian spices
Goblet of Fire… the spicy Chicken Vindaloo Bowl features a myriad of Indian spices

So Jessica would receive all of this food and then it would become dishes and specials that the chef would come up with, and Jessica was a line cook at the time and so she would just make whatever she was told to and…it was super inspiring for her, but even there it was like she wanted to learn more. She just kept moving to different restaurants around the city and learned from all of these different chefs that happened to be in Seattle. While we were there we started to develop a concept, and we wanted to do a food truck. Then as we were developing this food truck…about 6 years, maybe even 7 or 8 years ago now, we also were like, ‘Wouldn’t it be amazing to bring all these flavors back to Sandpoint?’”

A few years later, they did just that and launched the Beet and Basil Bus in 2016. Parked in front of Evan’s Brother’s, the food truck was wildly successful and soon gained a local reputation. They sold food from May to October, and had planned to open for another season this year. However, fate had something better in mind.

“…we did the food truck and we weren’t sure how that was going to be received, so we did a lot of social media before we opened, we had a lot of friends in Sandpoint, because we’re from here, and we both moved here. She moved here when she was 15 and I moved here when I was 16, so we kind of grew up here in our 20’s and we’ve made endless roots here. So the truck did amazing like it was shocking how many people – we only survived on locals because we were parked in front of Evan’s Brother’s in the parking lot, kind of away from everything, didn’t have money to advertise so we used social media and word of mouth. I was still running the Starbucks store, between the two stores at the time, and so trying to support her and the truck, and then Jessica was also the chef at Spud’s when she opened the truck, so she would run the truck service and be open from 11 o’clock to 4 o’clock at the truck and go and open Spud’s for dinner at 5. She was working like 13 to 14 hours like 5 to 6 days a week and it was really crazy and really trying, but we were basically taking as much money as we could and putting it into creating this concept.”

Unlike typical restaurants, their diverse menu is ever changing.

“She never went to culinary school. She started as a dishwasher, actually at where Trinity is now, it was called The Beach House and that was in like 2000 or 1999. At the same time she started working at Spud’s and was a sandwich girl…At that time, Jessica hated tomatoes and sprouts and mushrooms and any seafood, like endless things, it was crazy. We started dating back then. Then she started working her way through kitchens here and quickly became a line cook at Spud’s…She would get bored over time doing the same food. Restaurants in Sandpoint tend to be very static, as far as like the food that they make…but I’m a super foodie and I have been since I was young. My mom was a pastry chef and I’ve been exposed to a lot of food from everywhere my whole life. So when Jessica and I started dating, I cooked mostly and so it was like whatever I felt like cooking and then she’d try it and we’d be kind of falling in love with all kinds of foods, and as she was kind of moving around, basically we ended up moving to Seattle because certain circumstances brought us there.”

Little Bowl of Asia… Vietnamese Pho Chay noodle soup
Little Bowl of Asia… Vietnamese Pho Chay noodle soup

Today you can explore the flavors of the world right from their dining room. North African Harrisa Shakshuka, Indian Chicken Vindaloo, Vietnamese Pho Chay, Malaysian Rendang Beef Curry, Cuban Press Pulled Pork Sandwiches, Korean Chicken Fried Steak Sandwiches–one of my personal favorites–and more are available for under $25.

“Our customers are accepting of our menu. They’ve learned it, they have their favorites. And we’ve kept what we call the five favorites from the bus and they’re on the menu always, so you can get them at lunch or dinner, they’re always there. But the rest of the menu changes, and now that everybody’s kind of gotten used to our menu, we’re actually going to expand it coming up here. Every month there’ll be a menu that has four or six different items on it, and they’ll stay on the menu for a month at a time so that the kitchen gets used to making those items and it isn’t a constant game of retraining and retraining everybody that’s working every shift. For our customers it’ll be a lot more exciting because for that whole month they can be sure that we’ll have those items, and they’ll actually be able to count on that fact. But we’re also going to use the larger menu template so we can showcase local farms [and] businesses that we work with.”

Not only is it delicious, many of the ingredients are organic and locally sourced.

“At home we eat mostly organic produce, we try not to eat very much processed food whatsoever… What we believe in is that our dollar is our vote. Yes, we had to pay more for the organic food. Yes, we had to pay more for this beef because it came from a local ranch. Yes, we had to do these different things and it cut into our budget, and it was more expensive, but it was also our vote… So here we are on a larger stage, and we buy thousands of dollars in food. We get to make that vote with a larger dollar, and we make our food purveyors find us these things or we search them out and we find the locals that will grow us different crops…It reminds me of what ‘The Herb Farm’ was and what ‘Poppy’ that Jessica worked for, the same chef, where he would go out and harvest the herbs from out back.”

Everything is done with the customer in mind.

“What we’ve learned is that people really like our food, and we get rave reviews on our food. We have opportunity with our service sometimes and with our hosting, and getting people set. But what that teaches me is those are high expectations, and I… don’t want to fail those expectations when people are telling their friends to come here.

So the only thing we can do is to not rest on our laurels and to continuously work to get better. To look for every single problem and make it be an opportunity to fix it, and have an open mind and not try to get caught up and frustrated in the day to day stresses of the restaurant, like customer flow and all these things. We have to come back to center and be like “How do we make this fun?” every day. [Sic]

But I like taking care of problems and problem solving. That’s probably my favorite thing…we have these compostable little plastic containers that we do to-go Pho soup in, and the Pho is really hot, like extremely hot to the point that it starts to melt the [plastic]. So we actually had to re-source and we found a new container that has a honey wax in it so it’ll actually break down that will actually preserve that paper. So it’s pretty awesome, I’m like “Okay. Yup. There we go. There it is right there, this is exactly what we’ve been looking for.” It’ll eliminate the spill for the customer, which elevates that customer experience, and makes it so that they don’t question ever ordering that item because they’re afraid that it’s going to spill in their car like it has in mine.

Come Visit!... Beet and Basil is located at 105 S 1st Ave in Sandpoint, ID
Come Visit!… Beet and Basil is located at 105 S 1st Ave in Sandpoint, ID

So just problem solving little things like that makes the customer experience better, makes them able to trust everything about the product. It seems so little, but when you are doing that all day every day, evaluating and fixing all these little things, it becomes a huge thing.”


He’ll even refer them to other restaurants in the area.

“…it’s amazing what word of mouth does. The businesses on this strip alone, sending people here this summer, is where everyone came from. They’d be like, “Where should we go eat?” and they’d be like, “Go to Beet and Basil.” The pizza place was telling people to come here! If you didn’t want pizza, they were like, “Oh, go over [there].” Even Ivano’s was doing it, they were sending people here. And we would send people [there]. I’d have people come in here so shocked by the menu, like it scares them, and if I can tell I’m not going to win them, I’ll instantly refer them to our sister restaurants. If it’s lunchtime, I’ll send them down to [City Beach] Organics, and I’ll send them to Spud’s, and I’ll send them down to McDuff’s Brewery. At dinnertime I’ll send them over to Ivano’s and be like, “They have Italian food here…” and I’ll explain the menus of each of the restaurants because that’s another huge thing.

I am not jealous of any restaurant, and I’m not trying to compete with any restaurant. I’m trying to fill a niche that isn’t filled, and be the other option.

Our number one mission is to stick to our values and also deliver on our concept, and to fill that niche that’s missing—or that’s there. So, to actually bring exciting new flavors and ethically source those ingredients, and figure out ways that we can do this using sustainable products.

And also, if I could give one piece of advice that I’ve learned through all my time…is never burn a bridge. Never burn a bridge…and always make sure you have good work ethic. Those are so important, and they have opened up so many opportunities for us because we hold true to those different values and it’s amazing what it does.”

Beet and Basil is a great restaurant run by even greater people. The next time you’re looking to eat something new, stop by in downtown Sandpoint for a unique dining experience.

All Photos by Lauren Roth

Picture 1: Goblet of Fire… the spicy Chicken Vindaloo Bowl features a myriad of Indian spices. Photo by Lauren Roth

Picture 2:

Picture 3: Come Visit!… Beet and Basil is located at 105 S 1st Ave Sandpoint, ID. Photo by Lauren Roth

Cover Photo by Lauren Roth

Rules of Making Money… Story by Eliza Lister

In the middle of last trimester, the FBCS craft fair showed off student businesses and creations and gave the economics class an opportunity to make money. This lead to Bird Eye News to ask a local CEO and internet businessman, Tony Lister, the rules to make money.

According to Tony Litster, one of two things to make more money. You have to “reach more people or you have to solve a bigger problem.” In solving a bigger problem “they are more valuable to the company” therefore getting paid more. When you reach more people you are able to “duplicate the effort.” And now there’s a handful of skills involved in making more money.

Communication is “understanding what really makes people tick. What you see is not what you get.  Most people are children in adult bodies. Instead of trying to talk to the adult to learn what actually driving the show in the child, what’s really going on behind the scenes.

Hang in there… Some of a students designs for the craft fair hanging from a tree
Hang in there… Some of a students designs for the craft fair hanging from a tree

This brings in fears. It brings in insecurities. It brings in inner dialogue. It brings in screwed up stories they have about themselves. When you communicate to the person’s pain, you actually get somewhere.”

When it comes to sales the truth is people “always selling.” When you do a job interview you’re selling. When you show up at work to perform you’re selling. When you’re in a meeting with your colleagues you’re selling. When you’re on a project, you’re selling. So learning the basic skills of selling is invaluable because they’re always selling themselves. “Life is selling, so it’s critical you understand how to present it.”

Negotiation is where you will make the very most money in the shortest amount of time out of any job that you can do. And people miss that. The simplest negotiating skill is to point out a reason why some things are flawed and ask for a discount.

“I just did a sale on land for my client and the guy went from 2 million to 1.5 million in a conversation that lasted 45 minutes. So in 45 minutes we saved a half a million dollars. In what job could you generate that kind of revenue, in 45 minutes? Then you follow up with a question: is that the best you can do? That question alone, how many seconds does it take to say, “is that the best you can do?” After asking these seven words and most people will think of a way they can do better.”

Student Businesses... The economics class used these skills at the craft fair last November
Student Businesses… The economics class used these skills at the craft fair last November

The last one is marketing. What is marketing? There’s a difference between sales and marketing. Sales is the “actual transaction of selling something.” Marketing is building the “story” around it. Learning how to tell the story in a way that it “reaches the emotions of the person who has that need.” That’s what marketing is. Marketing is the story telling.

On, “it is the story telling” Litster says “if that person learns communication and they learn sales and they learning negotiating and they learn marketing and they suddenly become the most effective at their job cuz they’re able to listen to what’s not being said and pay attention to it. Suddenly they add more value than just their role.” That’s the key to becoming invaluable to the company.

Although most schools aren’t doing much to teach these skills there is effort on the teacher’s part in schools such as Forrest Bird Charter School. Mr. Webber’s economics class and craft fair are a wonderful showcase of teaching these skills in a high school.

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From Bad to Worse: California Disasters… Story by Lydia Martin

Ever since October, California has found itself in a situation well known to the area, as large forest fires started to engulf the state. The fire area ranged from Northern California all the way down to San Diego and has caused at least $9.4 billion in damages to houses, cars, and other public buildings. People are without homes and food and others without family as the death toll is at least 44 people.

Up in flames… A firefighter puts out a flaming palm tree during the Thomas Fire. Photo by: Stuart Palley
Up in flames… A firefighter puts out a flaming palm tree during the Thomas Fire. Photo by: Stuart Palley

It has destroyed up to 281,893 acers making it the worst fire in California since the Santiago Canyon Fire of 1889, which burned at least 300,000 acres. But this is not all.

At the beginning of January, there began a downpour of rain causing flood waters to rise and mud to accumulate and cause serious damage. At least 13 people are dead with those numbers expected to rise. Again, people are without homes and the area is a disaster. Sheriff of Santa Barbara County described the area: “It looked like a World War I battlefield. It was literally a carpet of mud and debris everywhere, with huge boulders, rocks, down trees, power lines, wrecked cars — lots of obstacles and challenges for rescue personnel to get to homes.”

Search and rescue… A group of rescue workers lead a girl out of her collapsed house. Photo by: VenturaCoAirUnit

Rescue workers are out doing what they can to help the people in the area but California might struggle to overcome and recover from these catastrophes. It is especially difficult as the state has just come out of a record breaking drought, and has been ravaged by similar disasters in recent years.

People have been working together to help by opening places for people to stay, doing search and rescue and clearing debris from areas to make it safer. These people are helping those in need and that is a great thing and something that could be done something like this happened in the area. Many people are providing shelter, food and warmth for those in need. California is just one of many examples of catastrophes in our country and world.