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A Close Race… Story By Harry Henderson

A Close Race… Story By Quentin Acer

The presidential election is going to be close this year, maybe too close. The selection for this year’s democratic candidates really comes down to two, Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Hilary

This is a picture of Hilary Clinton giving a speech in New Hampshire on the campaign trail. Photo by – CNN Money
This is a picture of Hilary Clinton giving a speech in New Hampshire on the campaign trail.
Photo by – CNN Money

Clinton is currently leading in the polls, but not by much, Sanders is close behind and rising. Many believe that Hillary Clinton changes her perspective to in turn be more favorable in the eyes of the voter, but Bernie Sanders has had the same political views for over 50 years and now it is finally paying off. Sanders got an immense amount of support when he explained what democratic socialism really is, many people think of labor camps when they think of socialism, but Sanders idea of socialism is quite different. Analyzing data in recent polls, the majority of Americans think that Hilary Clinton is not a trustworthy candidate for president, yet data shows that many people think that she is going to win the election. If you are interested in the two top democratic candidates and their campaigns, political past, and their stance on the issues, then I recommend that you on.


There are many fundamental differences between Bernie Sanders and Hilary Clinton, the first being that Hilary has plans to raise money from the big banks and Wall Street, while Bernie plans to tear them down. Bernie Sanders believes that an imbalance of wealth as severe as it is now in America is a fundamental flaw in our society. Equal rights for all is a very big issue at the moment, especially concerning gay rights for all citizens and the legalizing gay marriage. In 2002 in an MSNBC interview Hilary said that she didn’t think that New York should recognize gay marriage. Also in 2002 she went on the O’Reilly factor and said that she is against gay marriage. Ever since Bernie Sanders began his political career, he has been consistently in favor of gay rights for all and legalizing gay marriage. In Sander’s 2016 presidential race, he has refused to accept money from large corporations, big banks, wealthy individuals, and any money through super PACs, unlike Sanders, Hilary Clinton has raised a lot money through super PACs and accepted millions through donations from corporations and wealthy individuals. Bernie believes that when you have candidates that accept these enormous amount of money from extremely large companies and billionaire donors, it limits the influence that every American citizen has on choosing the next president of the United States. Clinton has raised the most so far with $76 million and has already spent $43 million. Sanders has raised the second most with $40 million and is the only candidate that has spent less than half of his campaign finances.


There are many issues where Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders agree, they both support the nuclear deal with Iran and have similar

This is a picture of Bernie Sanders addressing a raise of minimum wage across the nation at a speech in Iowa. Photo by - byzvest
This is a picture of Bernie Sanders addressing a raise of minimum wage across the nation at a speech in Iowa.
Photo by – byzvest

views as president Obama. Clinton and Sanders are both against the Iran war and as a senator, Bernie voted against the war. Both of these top democratic candidates also have similar views on climate change, just different ways of approaching it. Sanders wants to put a tax on carbon and methane emissions so that companies will go green, but Clinton wants to have the country producing 33% of its electricity through renewable energy by the year 2027. Both of them have very similar views on immigration reform as to lead millions of undocumented workers to a path of citizenship. Sanders has a strong stance on income inequality and he wants to tax the rich and make corporations pay their fair share of taxes and of course raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour, while Hilary wants to approach it in a manner that is less intense and only raise the minimum wage to $12 an hour and not tax the corporations and the wealthy as heavily. On health care both democrats believe that universal health care is the way to go, Bernie believes that a single payer health care system is the right thing for this country (every majorly developed country has single payer health care), but Hilary thinks that expanding on Obamacare and improving the Affordable Care Act is what this country needs. When it comes to social security they are both interested in protecting it from the republican attacks, but Bernie wants to take it a little farther by making it so the people who make over $250,000 a year pay the same percentage of their income to social security as everyone else. When it comes to making jobs for the country, Sanders speaks loud and clear when he says that he is serious about investing 1 trillion dollars over the course of 5 years into creating and maintaining 13 million jobs, but Hilary wants to create a national infrastructure banks so that money can be made to increase funding for scientific research and grow small businesses. Both candidates strongly support equal gender pay, Clinton embraces the fact that she will be the country’s first female president and makes women’s issues a large part of her campaign, but Sanders is also very progressive on the issue and as president guarantees affordable child care and paid family leave. Criminal justice reform is also a big priority for both candidates, and sole heartedly agree that taking down the private prison industry, ending the war on drugs, and enforcing smart decisions with our police officers. When it comes to gun violence it is Hilary who dominates by making it one of the main pillars of her campaign, Sanders struggles on this issue but plans to make some little changes, like increased background checks. Unlike gun violence, when it comes to College, Sanders rules the stage, because he plans on making all public college tuition free and paying for it through a tax on all Wall Street trades, and Hilary just wants to lower interest rates on student loans and make some community colleges tuition free. When it comes to international trade there is a difference in opinion, Clinton supported the passing of NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) and TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) but just recently she reversed her position on both agreements and is now against them, but Sanders has always been against trade agreements because it hurts US workers and farmers in the US, central America, and Mexico. Finally, when it comes to campaign finance reform, Bernie and Hilary have very similar views, both of them believe that making elections publically financed will be beneficial because it would reduce the high influence the wealthy has over the political arena, and also this would make the honest and good hearted more inclined to run for office because they don’t have competition from dirty and influenced candidates that can overpower them with money.


If you enjoyed learning about the candidates, and what they stand for, then I recommend that you answer the poll at the end of the article and choose which political candidate you think should win the presidential election, if any.