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Does Idaho agree with Bernie Sanders?… Story by Davey Breakey

According to a recent poll by Fox News, Vermont senator Bernie Sanders currently has the highest approval rating of any U.S. senator. This poll included a variety of political leaders and other politically relevant organizations, favorability is calculated by subtracting the overall favorable views minus the unfavorable views.

I (Davey Breakey) have taken the initiative to poll the students and staff of the Forest Bird Charter School to see whether they support bernie sanders or not. This poll includes 30 different people chosen at random to participate. Here are the results of the poll…

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 2.27.09 PMOverall 63% percent approve of Bernie Sanders, 30 percent are neutral and 10 percent disapprove. Judging by this data, our school has a pretty strong supporter base for Sen. Sanders with a disapproval rating of just 10 percent!

One of the issues and most likely the reason for sanders popularity with young people’s views on making College and higher education Tuition and debt free. An interesting twist, could Idaho (one of the most conservative states in America) have the largest support group for Sanders ideas?

Wrapping up the SATs.... Mitzi Vesecky advises FBCS students, as well as manage state testing
Wrapping up the SATs…. Mitzi Vesecky advises FBCS students, as well as manage state testing

Every student with the opportunity to dual enroll in Idaho also gets $4,125 towards their college tuition saving them upwards $7,000 per year, according to 2017 Boise State tuition fee and possibly even more if you include other expenses such as boarding which is anywhere from $3,380 to $6,294 per year. Also, if we get into food costs you’re looking at an additional $3,900 for 2 meals a day throughout the academic year. All together you could be saving about $17,000 per year!

So if you are able to get your associate’s degree before you graduate high school–which according to Mitzy Vesecky is very difficult to do–you could be saving you or your parents $34,000 in college expenses, I’d say that’s pretty good!

DNC, Clinton Fraud against Bernie Sanders Exposed Story By: Harrison Hertzberg

Many American Voters believe that Bernie Sanders was cheated out of his nomination by opposing candidate Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee. This was believed to be a lengthy process that involved much planning on the part of the DNC and the Clinton Campaign. This accusation was later proven when Wikileaks leaked emails between members at the DNC, revealing that they were plotting from the beginning to hold an unfair and bias election with an objective of their own to hand the nomination to Hillary Clinton. Clinton is believed to have committed mass voter fraud in this 2016 election using a variety of methods. The evidence below should educate you on the unfair and fraudulent democratic presidential nomination that has been held this year by the Democratic National Committee.

Bernie Sanders waiting at a campaign stop in Gettysburg.
Bernie Sanders waiting at a campaign stop in Gettysburg.

It is believed by many voters and political journalists that Hillary Clinton did commit election fraud and to have cheated her way to the nomination resulting in an unfair win over Bernie Sanders. Political experts and professional statisticians believe that the DNC in coordination with the Clinton campaign used three election fraud methods simultaneously. One of these methods (mostly used in California) was not supplying the NPP (No Party Preference) voters with the special cross-over ballots which were mandatory for the NPP voters to cast their votes. The majority of the NPP voters in California were Sanders supporters, not Clinton supporters; so this move affected Bernie significantly more than it did Hillary. For the small percentage of NPP voters that supported her, these were considered acceptable losses to the Clinton Campaign. Another method of election fraud presumably used by Clinton was to switch the status of young democrats to republican so that they couldn’t vote for Sanders. There are currently many lawsuits pending, regarding massive amounts of younger democrats suddenly not being able to vote because their voter registration mysteriously changed. There was an explosion of angry young democrats on social media complaining that they were not able to vote in the current election because their party suddenly switched from democrat to republican, green party, or no party. Many young democrats went to their local board of elections and seeing paperwork that had been recently submitted under their name with a clearly forged signature.

One might think, similarly to the first example of fraud, that Clinton would also be losing votes for herself, this was true but the much larger majority of NPP voters and young democrats were Bernie supporters, so for the Clinton campaign it would be wise to take away their opposing candidate’s primary source of votes. The third and most common method of election fraud that is thought to have been used by the Clinton campaign is that of voting machine fraud. After many tests were conducted by Election Justice USA, it was shown that Hillary was doing consistently better is areas where the voting machines did not pass a hacking test, and the opposite is true with Sanders, data strongly shows areas that are now using protected voting machines Bernie Sanders did very well. Alabama is a prime example of this. In a study conducted by Election Justice USA, the very large counties (Jefferson, Mobile, and Montgomery) where the hacker friendly voting machines are used, Clinton did very well compared to the counties where the hacker free voting machines were used. In Madison and many other counties where the hacker free voting machines were used, Bernie Sanders did phenomenally well and Hillary Clinton lost by significant margins in most all of them.

Hillary Clinton wins Federal Reserve Primary.
Hillary Clinton wins Federal Reserve Primary.

DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz resigned from her position and was immediately hired by the Clinton campaign once again as she was working for Hillary in the 2008 election. Many DNC participants believe that Hillary Clinton and Debbie Wasserman Shultz were working colluding ever since the 2008 election and planned her position as chairwoman of the DNC in order to have an advantage from the beginning. The position of chairman or chairwoman is a position with much responsibility attached, in this career you should remain impartial, unbiased, and fair when reporting important data and polls when it comes to the topic of the next President of the United States of America.

The 2016 presidential election has not ended yet, but many voters have already lost faith in the political process because of the fraud and corruption of Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee. It is unnerving to discover that this election was rigged from the beginning and what we thought was a fair race was not fair at all. To learn that politicians and political organizations were working together behind the public’s back to bring down Bernie Sanders was deeply unsettling. The American people have had enough lies and deception. The leader of the free world should not get there through fraud and corruption, instead they should be elected through the democratic system that leaves the people with the power and not the corporations or establishment.