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Who Will Be the Republican Candidate? Story By: John Holmes

Who Will Be the Republican Candidate? Story By: John Holmes


Republican Candidates…who will be the primary? Photo by: disqus.com
Republican Candidates…who will be the primary? Photo by: disqus.com

Our country is on the verge of a new term, but the question remains – who will be our next president? This daunting question vexes the minds of all voting United States citizens, and grows ever more puzzling as the elections draw closer. Here are some of the platforms of the top Republican candidates.

According to a poll on the Huffington Post, Donald Trump is the foremost candidate – with a 38.1% poll. Trump’s platform focuses on reforming U.S and China trade, Veterans Administration, and the U.S tax system.

The goals for Trump’s tax plan include growing the American economy, less tax on middle-class Americans, and a simpler tax code.

According to Trump’s tax plan, if you are single and earn an income less than $25,000, or you and your spouse jointly earn less than $50,000 for a household income, you owe no income tax. There would be only four tax brackets – 0%, 10%, 20%, and 25% – rather than the current seven. No business would pay above 15% of their profit in taxes.

Ben Carson – another potential Republican Party runner – has a different tax plan. Carson’s plan includes a simple flat tax, or a tax with a constant rate. Under Carson’s tax plan, income would be taxed at a uniform 14.9%, without tax shelters or loopholes. The tax would only apply to those who are 150% above the Federal Poverty Level, to protect individuals who are in proximity of the poverty level. Under this plan, a family would not be taxed on their first $36,375.

Ted Cruz promotes a similar flat tax plan. Personal income will be taxed at a fixed 10%. A family of four would have the first $36,000 tax-free. Payroll tax would be eliminated, as well as corporate income tax. A business flat tax will be placed on corporation with a fixed rate of 16% of revenues.

Jeb Bush has also given some input on a new tax plan. Bush’s idea consists of creating three tax brackets – 28%, 25%, and 10%. The loopholes in the current tax code would be eliminated, reducing the deductions that special interest groups can make. Lastly, corporate income tax will be cut from 35% to 20%.

A tax plan akin to Bush’s is being proposed by Marco Rubio. The tax brackets will be reduced to three – 15%, 25%, 35%. The first bracket applies to individuals with an income up to $75,000, and increases as income increases. Rubio’s tax plan promises to simplify the tax code by eliminating itemized tax deductions, and a universal $2,500 tax credit will be awarded to those who attend post-secondary school or another qualified career skill training curriculum.

Republican polls…Photo by: Huffington Post.
Republican polls…Photo by: Huffington Post.

Education is another focus on these candidates’ agendas.

According to Rubio’s platform, decisions about education must be returned to the local level. His plan includes giving control of education back to the local levels – states, local communities, and individuals – while preventing federal interaction.

Bush, on the other hand, has several different changes to make to the current education system. One idea is to take 529 College Savings Accounts into Education Savings Accounts. These accounts would allow for individuals to save, tax-free, for education.

For early childhood education, Bush’s platform would give parents a say in their child’s schooling. Parents would be given money to use to further their child’s learning.

Carson’s educational plan includes five principles – school choice, empower local districts and parents, encourage innovation, reward good teaching, and support a simpler student loan process.

The parents, teachers, districts, and states will have the power to make decisions. Carson states he will actively support charter and private school, and innovation will be greatly promoted.

Cruz and Trump did not show any information on education, as of yet.

As for foreign affairs, Cruz has a plan that includes three elements. The first is border security, which includes increased border security, eliminating sanctuary cities, and halting any increase in illegal immigration. Cruz also promises to defend that nation, which includes rebuilding our military, defeating ISIS, and eliminating the Iran nuclear deal. Lastly, Cruz’s foreign affairs policy will strengthen our relations with Israel.

Carson’s policy includes rearming and strengthening the U.S military, reinvigorating our international relations, reforming the national security establishment, and evaluating when it is necessary to put our troops in harm’s way.

Bush’s plan consists largely of defeating ISIS. This includes supporting Iraqi military forces, and conquering ISIS and Assad in Syria.

Rubio promotes a very basic foreign policy – a doctrine of three “pillars.” The first one is redevelop American strength by modernizing our military and empowering our intelligence agencies. Second, promote American prosperity through solidifying the Trans-Pacific and Trans-Atlantic partnerships and oppose violations of international waters, airspace, and cyberspace. Lastly, Rubio’s plan will support American values, such as demanding true freedom for Chinese citizens and defeating radical Islamic states.

Only two parts exist in Trump’s foreign policy – reforming our trade with China, and immigration. For Chinese trade reform, Trump proposes that we need to strengthen our leadership and negotiations at the table – increasing our global economic negotiations. For immigration, Trump’s plan includes: 1) building a wall around our borders, 2) passing only border laws that coincide with the Constitution, 3) support immigration plans that improves jobs, wages, and security for all Americans.


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