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FBCS Art Project: Cosmic Under-The-Sea Mural… Story by Jada Giddings

At Forrest Bird Charter High, several students have chosen to partake in painting an art mural in an alley in downtown Sandpoint.

For their community project, students of Forrest Bird Charter School collaborate to paint a massive mural of a whale floating through a space setting.

Work in Progress… The students plan to add other sea animals in addition to the whales they’ve already started on

Through these past few days, kids have been painting this mural for the community to inspire citizens in an artistic way. From the beginning of May, these groups of students have worked diligently on the beautiful mural to now, working in the mornings and even after school. Anna, Sloan, Drew, Ariel, Kiley, Colleen, Daniel, and Brandon have all worked on this mural and intend to create a full piece containing not only the whales, but octopi, jellyfish, starfish, and eels.

Though this mural was thought up by Sloan, all are contributing with their amazing artistic abilities. Because the mural is so large and only halfway finished for the project, these eight FBCS students will be working through the summer to make the art piece even better than it already is. On Oak Street, nearby Finnan McDonald, the mural is located for all Sandpoint citizens to see in one of the well-known art alleys.

Alleyway Art… Sandpoint is known for being open to murals. The FBCS mural is featured near Oak Street

The students chose to paint a mural because they wanted to bring art into the community. Many believe street art is simple graffiti, or vandalizing, but Sandpoint is also known for being open to community art. They hope to impact the next generations in an artistic way and bring light to Sandpoint and its citizens. From the FBCS students working on the mural, they state the title of the mural will not be released until the hours they have to meet on the project are over. Until then, the mural will be a mystery.

Night of Culture… Story By: Alistair King

Night of Culture… Story By: Alistair King



Artwork... with the culture theme of Japanese the art classes were able to do quite a bit.
Artwork… with the culture theme of Japanese the art classes were able to do quite a bit.

Night of culture is truly one to remember. Whether it was the music, the food, or the activities, fun was had by all. Some of the most memorable events included the large middle school rock band, the improv put on by Wendy’s class, and the Hula-Hooping competition.


This was the 6th annual Night of Culture and by far a great success. Paul’s music classes put on a great performance ranging from pop music to Elvis. The raffles were pretty great with gift cards from local businesses such as Nieman’s Floral and Evan’s Brothers Coffee. Our FBCS Catering team even put in a lunch for 8 and some lunch swipe cards.


Outfits... Many students involved witht the acting classes dressed up in cultural outfits.
Outfits… Many students involved witht the acting classes dressed up in cultural outfits.

The artwork was brilliant at the event. Each art class submitted their own designs in the form of Japanese artwork. Some of the Koi Fish were especially good and the drawing anime class even created their own comic book. However, other classes such as the middle school art classes had other cultures for the night.


Overall the night was exciting, but some students believe that this year was worse than the medieval themed night before. This year was a mix of many cultures and people were obviously confused. One student Dabrinya Gould states that “This year seemed slower than last year’s.” A couple students even ditched to hang out with their friends, leaving their teammates to perform alone.


Activites... Junior student Ericka Moore attempts to teach Jack Meier how to draw... unsuccessfully.
Activites… Junior student Ericka Moore attempts to teach Jack Meier how to draw… unsuccessfully.

The activities seemed to vary. The rooms closest to the music got more activity while the rooms on the far end had very few community members at a time in them. In the art room some of Holly’s students were teaching people to draw anime faces while in Kubuntu competitions for the Hula Hooping record were underway.


One of the newest innovations this year that not many people realized were the QR or quick response codes hidden around. Once scanned these would give students a view of the artwork in the area. While this wasn’t announced or publicized, it provided a pleasant change for those who participated.

Will next year follow in the footsteps of previous years and have a consolidated theme or will they just continue with independent themes for different classes? We will just have to find out next year…