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Could this be the end? Story By: Alistair King

Could this be the end… Xbox and PS4 might settle their differences with this new cross system play. Photo By Game Spot
Could this be the end… Xbox and PS4 might settle their differences with this new cross
system play. Photo By Game Spot

For years gamers have been fighting over which console is better; PS4 with their innovative systems, or Xbox One with their ease of control and dedicated servers. Everything that can be construed as good by these systems is boasted about by the gamers of their side and scrutinized from gamers of the opposition. But recently something big has happened; could this mean the end of the console wars?

On April 14th Microsoft Director of ID@Xbox Chris Charla sent out a letter entailing future updates to the Xbox One. The most interesting part of this is the cross system play. Previously this has only been between Windows 10 users and Xbox One players. But in this letter it states:

First, in addition to natively supporting cross-platform play between Xbox One and Windows 10 games that use Xbox Live, we’re enabling developers to support cross-network play as well. This means players on Xbox One and Windows 10 using Xbox Live will be able to play with players on different online multiplayer networks – including other console and PC networks.

In their own league… Rocket League creators Psionix were the first to crack the code and allow cross system play. Photo By Kotaku
In their own league… Rocket League creators Psionix were the first to crack the code and
allow cross system play. Photo By Kotaku

This is what’s going to make a 2 console system turn into a single console system.  While PS4 hasn’t given a direct answer they did state that they have been using cross platform play for quite a long time and would be open to talking about it with developers. The first developers to allow cross system play are Psyionix’s Rocket League. This is going to be the first step in creating a full network of cross system gaming.

However there are still a few boundaries in the way. Sony is still wary about going full in on this and in a recent interview with Shuhei Yoshida stated that its still an issue of business interests; “Rather, the dance-off will revolve around whether it is in Sony’s best interests to allow it.” While this won’t mean that Sony is not going to go for it, but it will mean that it could take some time for a large scale network for both Xbox and PS4.

What will this mean for future generations of gaming consoles? Could this be the end of the countless arguments over which console is better? And can Nintendo realize it needs to be part of this change? Time will only tell.

Illuminati Conspiracy or just Fun and Games? Story By: Lauren Stidham

Illuminati Conspiracy or just Fun and Games? Story By: Lauren Stidham


26ea2d0545f20c9a605ffdc26166c4af-1Super bowl fifty had a lot to offer. A Bronco victory, crazily hyped up fans, and bizarre commercials. Right in the middle of all that commotion, there was one event that has become one of the most well-known parts of this American tradition: The Halftime Show.

Between all the dance moves, popular lyrics, and brilliant colors, there may have been a deeper, darker, story to tell. According to several resources, there was occult symbols throughout the whole show.

So what mysterious signs were hiding right under the noses of about 115.5 million fans? If someone was to take the time to inspect an overhead picture of the halftime show, they would see striking resemblance to multiple occult symbols. Most well-known of these is probably the all seeing eye; using the crowd and stage as the iris, the two angles on either side as the corners of the eye, and the small white dot that Coldplay is dancing on as the pupil. This All Seeing Eye would represent spiritual sight, enlightenment, the eye of God. It has universal meaning and isn’t specific to any one occult.

giphy (2)-1 Another widely known symbol that the half time stage and bodies resembles is the unfinished pyramid with the All Seeing Eye on top. In order to see this one easier it is best to block off on of the halves of the picture. There are two unfinished pyramids that are almost like a mirror image. The vertical line of the stage separates them. The pyramid on each side is made up of the crowd and is sideways. The All Seeing Eye is represented by the 0 in 50. The pyramid with the eye on top represents the eye of Lucifer, God, or the enlightened, it has masonic origins. It appears on the back of the dollar bill.

The next possibility is also a masonic symbol; the one that actually represents them as a whole. The Compass. It basically represents becoming perfect and balanced. It is a little harder to see than the other ones, but it still bears resemblance. The two angles are like the compass and the square edge. The crowd is quartered much like the blank spaces inside of the symbol, and the stage is like the rectangle in the middle.

images (2)-1There were also several other not well known symbols that the picture resembles, but those were the prevalent and commonly known ones.  However, the symbolism doesn’t stop in just the layout, the entire performance told a strange story. It starts with Coldplay wearing black, singing his songs. After singing for a few minutes, he then moves into this iridescent circle of light projected by the dancefloor. He dances and spins in there for a bit before coming out. Right after coming out, he takes off the black shirt so that he is in white.

Then Bruno Mars and Beyonce come onto the scene. After they each do a short act (both wearing black) they are united by Coldplay on the stage. Meanwhile, a crowd (all of which are wearing black) cheers them on admiringly.

images (3)-1What is could mean is this: The stage represents some occult. Coldplay is part of the occult for a little while. His black shirt and the black shirts of the audience and other artists represent not being enlightened yet. After going into the glowing white circle (white would mean enlightenment) he takes off his black shirt and is now considered enlightened. Then he brings in two other “converts” Beyoncé and Bruno Mars. They are not enlightened yet because they just joined the occult. All the while, the crowd stands in awe practically worshiping the enlightened Coldplay and his two converts.

So yes, there is a multiplicity of ways to interpret all this hidden symbolism. Maybe it was all just a big coincidence. Perhaps not.

Which is Worse, Window’s 10 Updates or the Cold? Story By: Alistair King

Which is Worse, Window’s 10 Updates or the Cold? Story By: Alistair King


Which is worse? Suffering from a cold, or suffering from Windows updates? Photo By: AssociationsNow
Which is worse? Suffering from a cold, or suffering from Windows updates? Photo By: AssociationsNow

Headaches, fatigue, and boredom, a cold also exhibits these symptoms. Do you experience any of these symptoms along with a computer screen in your face? Well, you might have Windows Updates. This is an incurable disease as long as you are connected to the internet. But if you are observant enough you can keep this disease from spreading forward.

Microsoft has an obsession with delivering the latest in Windows technology to all of its customers. Whether this is a user interface update or simply just a bug fix, it all still takes nearly an entire class period. In some rare cases, it may even take a whole day. What do these updates entail?

In February, there were 2 updates. The first was applying many fixes to Microsoft’s pre-installed apps, and some “security” updates. The second update was making all the future updates faster and more “security updates.”

However, not all things are bad with Windows 10 and these updates. Windows 10 has improved functionality, it goes back to some of the good things of Windows 7, and finally, it’s not Windows 8. Given that this is a free update what’s the reason not to download it?

Better than Windows 8; Windows 10 is here to save your day. Photo By: Fossbytes
Better than Windows 8; Windows 10 is here to save your day. Photo By: Fossbytes

Windows 10 is the ultimate system for people who want to spend hours trying to figure out what is happening with any single feature. For some people, these come as not being able to connect to the internet, not being able to change the volume, and other weird things. Also, it is a bit suspicious why they offered a free update to the system. However, most system data comes over with the update so there is no worry of losing your essays.

Many people have found this change to be a welcome improvement fixing many of the issues in Windows 8 while others have found this a bad update that invades their privacy and can give it out to other websites. Decide for yourself if you dare.

What’s Rising from 2015’s Ashes? Story By Miranda Paddack

What’s Rising from 2015’s Ashes? Story By Miranda Paddack

Naked dresses, fast-food fashion, and flower crowns all came and died with 2015. Thankfully, the New Year is kicking out lumbersexuals and bringing in the flowery still life back from the dead. What is in store for FBCS students this year?

Many students at FBCS are rocking formal suit-wear and cardigans Monday-Thursday, and Fridays they are showing their personality through fashion. “I believe that, and this is only on dress-down days, that hoodies are trending,” Stated Brandon Michelson when asked about what is trending at FBCS. Some other things trending are low top shoes such as Vans, Daniels fluffy hat, and high-wasted skinny jeans.

Some clothing print trends we can expect for the 2016-17 year are sea legends, early medicine, and nightlife. Everyone seems to be very excited about the new trends coming out this year. When Tiara Duquette was asked about what trends she was looking forward to she excitedly stated; “I don’t know, all of it! I think that any trend can look good as long as someone can pull it off, and that’s how most trends from 2015 were. Not everyone looks right in all of them.”

French-fries shoes, nearly naked dresses, and the scruffy lumbersexuals are being left far behind. 2016 is bringing on the kraken, neon lights, spine-tingling medical fashion and much, much more.

Times are Changing…Story by FBCHS Journalism Class

America is Changing... I came across the dead mall phenomenon in the United States and question the class on some of the radical changes I am seeing just in my lifetime in the culture. This article is a reflection on what they see.
America is Changing… I came across the dead mall phenomenon in the United States and questioned the class on some of the radical changes I am seeing during my lifetime in the American culture. This article is a reflection of what they see.

What’s Next?

We live in what is called the Y generation. This generation is one that invokes the questions of; ‘why work?’, ‘why earn money’, and ‘why wear decent clothes’. These questions then form new ones, and it becomes a total domino effect as time passes. People in my generation don’t view as getting their first car as a freedom, a ticket to getting away from their suffocating parents. No, now kids are seeing cars as a standard, a name tag, a label, and stereotype. The more expensive, the cooler your car is, the more you are paid attention to and people will notice you more. We have drifted into a generation of being lazy, addicted to electronics, buying whatever we want, and really not caring about a lot of things.

Being detached from people and addicted to things such as the newest iPhone. People becoming so dependent on nonliving things is worsening health, personal relationships, mental health, and people’s abilities to survive in this world. It’s as if everyone is like a child. They still need to be coddled by their mother, protected by their father, have their family’s money to support them, and the comfort of an electronic. It’s quite a depressing things to me that we have turned into this rather shameful generation. Of course I can’t say that I’m not on an electronic a lot, or having my phone on me all the time, but I do understand how it’s unhealthy to be addicted to them. To me, fighting with your parents is better than being on an electronic because at least you’re able to verbally express yourself, feel human emotions, and are able to see and hear the person quite clearly.

Since my generation is the future of this world, I’m quite worried to be honest. I mean, who will be able to succeed in life if all they care about is having the best of the best, being able to hack into electronics, or do things related to electronics only? People who lack real life experience flounder as they get older. Soon they will turn to someone who has supported them before. Then they will become dependent on that person or people. Being dependent on someone whenever you meet a challenge in life shows how weak and vulnerable the human race is. We are able to adapt, to form to our environment. We as properly functioning people can handle things differently than animals or infants. As adults, or even young adults, we are able to get in touch with our emotional side and deal with things, grow from experiences, and learn how to survive in this world properly.

We won’t have people to protect us for our whole life. We need to learn to look up from the computer screen, go outside, breathe fresh air, have fun, hang out with friends, and get a job, an education. I truly believe that we need to ditch the title of ‘Generation Y’ because the longer we have that title, the more people will adapt to it. Turning around this generation will be hard. After all nothing is really easy in this world. Having less addictive electronics in life can help people learn from hands on experience, become healthy, happy, and live better lives. Sure, people will trip and fall, maybe scrape a knee or hand, but that pain will help shape them into a person they can be proud of. Hey, you never know. Maybe the first person who truly begins to try and turn our generation around might end up as our president. Anything is possible, as long as you look up from the screen long enough to imagine it.


Is Our Culture Changing?

Is our culture changing? Between the dead malls and shift in technology, I would say yes. While our culture hasn’t changed drastically, it has changed; technology’s advances, age norms, and the open mindedness of my generation are great examples of how our culture is changing.

I’ve been inside a mall a grand total of 15 times. In the past, the mall is where you went to meet friends and find a date. Over two dozen malls have been shut down in the past two years, and it is estimated that 10-15% of malls in the US will be shut down within ten years. This is due to the advancements in technology, we no longer need to drive to the mall to meet our friends, or to even shop. We used to be more social creatures, technology has taken out the face-to-face aspect of many teens lives. In the 1800’s women would be married very young, around the age of 13 or 14, and begin having children shortly after. In the 21st century 25 is the average age for, first, marriage and pregnancy. 10 years is a huge difference, so is the openness we have around the LGBT community. Most of my friends are gay or Trans, and in our world today they are accepted.


Times are Changing

The times are changing in a way unlike ever before. It is the truth, we are turning into a society that is based on innovation and technology. The question is, is this a turn for the worse or not?

If you peel back the appealing top layer of luxury that comes with the innovation and technology, I believe you find an uglier result. Although it is non-intentional, I think our culture is becoming a place where you as a person do not matter as much, it is all about what you can offer.

Now of course, people like employers don’t care so much about you as a person as they do your capability to get the job done correctly. That is how it has always been, and always will be. What I am saying is that perhaps these innovations will slowly take away some of our basic social capabilities. Things like understanding, judgment, and some character could easily be taken away by our dependence not on each other, but our technology.

Already ethics have changed. More and more people are taking the easy way out. From online shopping to broken relationships, people are making every shortcut to make things more comfortable and easy.

The effects of this are showing even in newspapers. Reporters go for hype and yellow journalism just to make their stuff more appealing, they use an “anything for another five readers” type philosophy. News is their own personal shortcut to fame.

The next question we must ask now is: What do we do about it? Or how could we do anything about it? After all, if the world is changing, is there really anything we can do about it?  Should we revert from the old ways and simply become the next generation? Or can we take a stand for what used to be?

For now all we as a newspaper can do is supply a genuine feed of solid news and do our best to be our best.

Reasons behind school shootings: Part II… Story By Lauren Stidham

Reasons behind school shootings: Part II

One thing that can be linked to school violence and school shootings is violent video games and television. Kids all around our country have free access to countless video games, shows, and movies. Most of these portray violence one way or another. Although some are much more graphic than others, it remains nonetheless.

So what does violent screenplay have to do with school shootings?

Could it really lead to violence?... Could video games really cause a school shooting, or is it just some old wives tale? Photo-By:
Could it really lead to violence?… Could video games really cause a school shooting, or is it just some old wives tale? Photo-By:

We will start with video games. Many parents, teachers, and other people in authority frown on over usage of video games, and in some cases they don’t allow it at all. Now of course we must consider that there are certain video games that are well designed and geared towards promoting learning, not all video games are violent.

Of course, a majority of the best-sellers are very violent. Out of the top ten best-sellers of 2015, only two of them aren’t graphically violent. The other eight are all based upon extremely violent scenarios and depict scenes of which you are expected to take the lives of people in gruesome ways.

According to studies conducted by Dr. Vincent Matthews from Indiana University, violent video games alter the person’s ability to use emotions, attention, and concentration. His experiment involved making a group of young men play violent video games two hours a day for just a week. In just that time frame, their brains had already altered.

“The brain changes that Matthews’ group saw were similar to those seen in teens with destructive sociopathic disorders” –

Now think of the kids who have been under the influence of video games for a matter of years, by this time, their emotional and concentration part of their brain would be eroded. Without that emotional part functioning properly, the person can become dangerous. Most of what keeps normal people from killing is the emotional and/or moral standard.

Not only do video games change the way your brain works, but they can also be very addictive. World of Warcraft in particular is the center of many cases of addictions. There are several reasons realism, social interaction, and the ongoing sense that there is always a next level.

The game’s realism is created by having camera views that simulate the views that one would get if you were actually in the game, plus you can adjust the view to get the desired effect. There is a network of people who play the game and you can pair up with them and go on quests together. This provides a source to fulfill social needs. Additionally, World of Warcraft is an ongoing game of which doesn’t have an end. You can continually advance in the game, you can move to a new realm when you max out in one realm. The makers of the game update it and add new realms regularly.

To read an article about how World of Warcraft effected Ryan van Cleave’s life go to

Additionally, there is another link between violent video games and school shootings. This one applies directly to violent television.

As earlier stated, kids all around have full access to violent video games and television. This can prove to be bad because as a child develops, they aren’t quite able to tell the difference between reality and fiction.  In the movies like the book of Eli and video games like grand theft auto five, the people don’t have consequences for their actions the way that real people do.  A child could believe that they could do what their favorite television or video game character does.

“I have ultimate control and can do what I want with few real repercussions.” – Ryan van Cleave, former World of Warcraft addict.

How does it Work?... How could watching television really affect your mind? Photo By: Shutterstock
How does it Work?… How could watching television really affect your mind? Photo By: Shutterstock

Further, television can promote the idea of violence. There are many popular movies where the main character is a criminal. Many shows are designed in a way that distorts our idea of a hero. Instead of the classic chivalrous hero who saves the innocent, we have characters who are masters of destruction and know gruesome and cruel means to “get the job done.”

Now the question is, does that really cause violence as severe as a school shooting? A majority of perfectly normal people have experienced violent media. Shouldn’t there be a whole lot more school shootings if violence and graphic media are so directly linked?

The truth is that it takes a still developing or unstable brain to see an act of violence and then commit an act of violence as severe as a school shooting. It all goes back to the condition of the brain. Yes, video games and television can help to provoke an act of violence, but it is very rare that it is the sole cause.

However it is not counted out as a possibility for a cause.

“Craig A. Anderson and Brad J. Bushman found a statistically significant small-to-moderate-strength relationship between watching violent media and acts of aggression or violence later in life.” – New York Times

Studies show that there are actually some direct correlations between violence and media violence. To look over the evidence yourself you can follow this link to .

Why be a Barbie Girl?… Story by Catherine Jay

What is beauty? Many people think of women when they hear the word beauty. Do they think of the things that actually can ‘create’ these beautiful women? Do injections and surgery come to mind? People don’t always realize that some women manipulate their bodies in order to fit what is classified as ‘beautiful’. Feeling that they aren’t really beautiful, women get rid of their natural beauty and instead replace it with artificial. Much like a Barbie doll, they forget what it means to be different, to be themselves.

Starting back in the 1900s through the 1910s, the standards for beauty was ‘the Gibson Girls’. Rarely was a beauty standard so

explicit and defined, yet Charles Dana Gibson based the iconic illustrations on “thousands of American girls.” The ideal of femininity was slender and tall with a “voluptuous” bust and wide hips. Using corsets the pinch and take in the waist, the woman was dressed in up to date fashion and physically was attractive and healthy. Using corsets allowed the woman to have the illusion of a small waist and larger bust. Corsets were a painful thing that women had to deal with through the Victorian Era, resulting in bruised and broken ribs. The tighter the corset, the more defined the woman was and the more she would be noticed for her smaller frame. (

            As time passed the new style became very far from the Gibson Girls. The ‘Roaring Twenties’ (the 1920s) was the time of the flappers. The flapper represented the idea of women that was far more casual than the corseted Gibson Girls. Their appearance was considered boyish youth, with minimal breasts, a straight figure without any corseting, and shorter hair. This was a style that was worn by the rebellious women who rejected the corseted fashion. This wasn’t painful and didn’t show false appearances. Instead it showed a woman for who she was, without the help of a painful corset tightened around her torso. Going into the fashion of the Great Depression, women went back to the traditional style in women’s fashion and body image. Though short hair remained commonplace, skirts once again became longer, and clothing that showed off a natural waist was in style. The style was far more about practicality than beauty. (

After the Great Depression, the beauty standards of women changed to stars such as Marilyn Monroe, Twiggy, and Pamela Anderson. In the time of Marilyn, it was still a goal for women to have an hourglass body rather than that of a flapper. Bigger busts and waists were the ideal. As time passed the standards became skinnier and skinnier. The style became something that was hard to achieve. A thin body with large bust was almost impossible to reach without manipulating their bodies. Women resorted to starving themselves in order to get their “ideal” bodies. Now this isn’t just women.

In our generation, girls as young as six years old worry about their bodies. Women will get plastic surgery in order to make themselves more “beautiful”. Injections, removals, getting a new face, it’s all fake. The natural beauty of women has decreased. Being yourself isn’t what the standards are. Instead it’s that of a Barbie doll. Perfect in every way. Without flaws, without your true beauty. The low self-esteem in women today doesn’t necessarily go away after they get their ideal appearance. Inside women are still finding flaws in themselves.

Will women learn to become their own ideal? Will they find a way to love themselves, including all of their flaws? Are meeting the standards of beauty that important? Why be like everyone else? If we all were supposed to look the same, we would be born that way. Becoming a Barbie doll isn’t what women should strive for. Be yourself, show your own beauty rather than trying to be like everyone else. Can women achieve this? Will the future of women disregard any stereotypes or standards of beauty?


If you want more information on 100 years of beauty standards in the US, please follow the link below.

Drugs Changing Your Life

By Neome Ruffing

We see it on TV every day, Drugs are everywhere, all over the world. Mostly, we see famous people using drugs and ruining their careers. Drugs can take control of your life if you let them. Celebrities like Lindsay Lohan, Miley Cyrus, Drew Barrymore, Macaulay Culkin, and Ashley Olsen are known for drug stories. Our childhood idols are changing their personalities so suddenly that we don’t even understand what happened. That was my reaction when I heard about Miley Cyrus and her life-changing performances.

Miley Cyrus’ life seemed to be a perfect world. She had a career, a fiancé, family and friends. Little girls dreamed about having her life and were jealous.

“What happened Miley?” Now lots of people are asking “Why is she doing that? Is she on drugs? That’s not the Miley we know”. That’s what almost everyone is thinking, but do you know what she is going through? She broke up with her fiancé because he seemed to be having an affair with another woman. Her relationship of many years, and long-term show, Hannah Montana, are simultaneously over.

Miley started to change her lifestyle. She doesn’t care what people are thinking about her. She doesn’t have to be perfect. She’s doing whatever she wants to do. So, she started to smoke weed and to twerk.  Twerking is basically exotic dancing. You remember her performance with Robin Thicke at the VMA’s ? The general opinion about Miley Cyrus is crazy, but she’s not. She is still the same, only a few different views than a year ago. People judge her because of that performance but why? She’s being herself, she lives her life, and she doesn’t hurt anybody?

We all know about drugs. But, do you know all of the mainstream drugs? For example, the new trend drug ‘krokodil’.  The drug is easily made from codeine, iodine and red phosphorus. The street name in Russia for homemade Desomorphine is “krokodil”. You only have to take this drug once, and you are already addicted to it. It has its name, because it changes your skin. The skin looks green, just like crocodile skin. And it could gets worse, your skin opens. In bad cases, you can see your bones. If you try this drug, it is your doom. Most users of krokodil are dead within 2 years of using.

And do you know Molly? Maybe you’ve heard about ‘her’. It’s the club drug ecstasy. Sold from $15 to $50 a dose.  This illegal white powder is on the rise in popularity with the support of popular artists whose lyrics describe it as one of the party drugs to take. It gives you the ‘feel-good’ feeling for three to six hours. Many users find themselves overdosing too easily and many have died. Only a few days ago two young women died in a club because of molly. Having Molly as a friend, might not be a good thing for everyone.

Molly’s good friend Mary Jane is also very big this year. It’s Cannabis, also known as marijuana. This drug is meant to be a kind of medicine, but lots of people use it for other reasons. Cannabis is often consumed for its psychoactive and physiological effects, which can include heightened mood or euphoria, relaxation, and increase in appetite. Unwanted side-effects can sometimes include a decrease in short-term memory, dry mouth, blushing of the eyes, and feelings of paranoia or anxiety. The best spot to get Mary Jane is Amsterdam, the Netherlands legalized Marijuana.

An anonymous resource started smoking cigarettes and weed when he was eleven. He also tried weed, cocaine, alcohol, special mushrooms, heroin, molly, ecstasy, lsd, dmt, just to try it. It was his decision and his friends didn’t care: ‘I wouldn’t change it, I am glad that I tried it. I don’t regret it at all’. We can find these people everywhere. They might not look like it, but they still could be a ‘druggy’. We can’t judge them because of their look.

Here are some other celebrities, who took drugs. We all remember Lindsay Lohan as the cute little girl from ‘the parent trap’, the cool teenager from ‘freaky Friday’, and ‘mean girls’. Now we see her on TV only if she did something wrong, again. She got caught driving her car when she was drunk and takes coke. The officers at jail already know her, she spent around 90 days in jail because of drinking and vandalism.

Another one is Mischa Barton, the OC California Star gone wild, she has gotten more press for drug use than for acting. Her marijuana possession has kept her in the spotlight.

The next one is Drew Barrymore. Child star Drew Barrymore’s drug abuse in her teenage years found her controversial fame with two trips to rehab that motivated her to get back on track with her career. Mischa and Lindsay should take her as an idol. If they can’t take the stress from being in the spotlight, they should choose another career. Not everyone is meant to be for this business.

Fall Fashion Trends


Story by Neome Ruffing

This Year, the Fashion Trends have changed. The men and women have to show courage to wear the fall and winter trends of 2013-14. You can decide if you are fearless about being judged because of your clothes, or not. Maybe it is just the fashion designers who want to challenge you by designing these trends. It’s up to you.

Photo by Annette Ruffing: Neome Ruffing’s brother poses on the German Beach

The fashion trends for women are fearless and eye-catching. The top color of the year 2013 is Emerald green. That shade fits perfectly into the fall, so it is pretty suitable. Added to that is velvet, and leather which are very big this winter. Oldies are getting a new design for this fall, such as the midcentury style and collar pullovers. In the midcentury women wore large skirts and dresses which were tight. These clothes are getting back this year so you better get ready and look for some old fashioned clothes to be prepared.

Photo by Nadja Miller: Neome Ruffing’s Brother poses in an abandoned warehouse

This Fall/Winter black and white! Back to black, and shine bright like the snow, are the most important slogans for this winter! This is the casual fashion trend for the season.

But what about shoes? No we don’t wear UGG boots like all the European girls in the winter! We need to wear thigh-high boots! The higher the better! Get some style for your feet and follow this trend.

The last category is winter coats. BIG, BIGGER, FURCOATS! Oversized coats are a must-have for the season. If you want to look stylish in the cold months you do better with fur coats.

                                                                          Do’s and Don’ts:

 DO invest in eye-catching outerwear!

DON’T be afraid to experiment with various colors, lengths, and textures.

DO consider the rest of your outfit when rocking these coats. Keep everything else simple.


                                                          Men Fashion Trends Fall/Winter 2013


Fur coats aren’t only for women! Men can wear it this season too.  There are lots of different variations like coats and jackets. The most common furs are ermine, mink, fox, and cowhide fur.

Fur comes in all basic shades. You can even wear catchy colors. Almost no NO-GO’s this season.

Leather is all time favorite of the fall-winter season ‘13.

It is the timeless material of the world. It always looks stylish, classy and fashionable. So get advantage from this year’s trends and wear a double-breasted leather jacket. You can get one double-breasted jacket in crocodile skin. You can also try a coat of ostrich leather.

Number Three is velvet! To match outfits, with your girlfriend on a cozy winter day. Velvet looks graceful and isn’t only for women! You can combine it with fur, leather or cashmere. It fits perfect into the season.

Next one: Bright colors!

A big fashion trend this fall is casual style and comfy clothes in bright hues. So try bright colors and prints this season. Like women, men also can have the fun of colors. It’s not only a spring and summer trend. We are bringing back the summer!

The bestseller shades of grey gets a trend. Any variations of grey are trendy. The classic look never gets old. . Wore grey with black to give a more modish look. You can also try grey with white and with other bolder colors.

Don’t be shy, this season you can show your personality without being judged! Take your chance and do it! Don’t care about others, be yourself and feel good.