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Deaths on Black Friday?…..Story by Jack Meier


Yes, it’s official.  People care so much about their new Xbox or PlayStation that they will kill to get it.  What have we come to as a nation?

Black Friday does get heated; sure, that one guy who took the last copy of the new movie or game got you pretty ticked, but bringing pepper spray and spraying them in the face and then taking their items is crossing the line.

One of our own students witnessed someone get mugged over a Wii a few years back.  Mario Bushell watched a fellow shopper hit a person over the head with a frying pan.  This incident was the result of the past Black Friday, all over a simple Wii system.

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving, and it is the largest retail shopping day in the world.  It has historically been the day when large companies have certain items largely discounted. It has a history of violence and even death.  It is the start of the official Christmas shopping season.

It was up until a few years ago an American holiday, but many countries around the world have recently taken up the trend too.

Many people use Black Friday for their Christmas shopping, and it gets very, very crowded.  People often begin to line up hours before the shopping equivalent of Shanghai rush hour.

Why is this day so violent?  What drives people over the edge?  After all, if people are shooting each other over toys, imagine what we’ll do to the guy that bumps into us!

Many people are struggling in the present-day economy.  Black Friday offers great deals on things that their kids want.  Parents want to give their kids the best they can for a cheaper price.

Many parents resort to violence to get their kids the things they want.  One woman cut in front of 300+ people in a Black Friday line.  Her items were taken, and later she said that she just wanted to get her son the newest toy, and that it probably wouldn’t be there anymore.  “Everyone was doing it” she said.

“I was trying to get a videogame, and some dude picked me up, and threw me across the aisle, and threw a bunch of clothes at me.” Mario Bushell, FBCS student.


Black Friday is getting more and more violent as the years pass by.

Wal-Mart has announced that it will be moving the start of Black Friday up two hours from last year.  This will start the rush earlier, essentially turning it into Black Thursday Night.

Many people think that Black Friday is a great day to get good deals on items you like.  Others think that it should be removed from the calendar.

Some people who have never been to Black Friday don’t understand the hype.  I mean $150 off a flat screen television is pretty sweet, but would you really risk your life for it?

Black Friday, (or Black Thursday Night now), is a shopping event that offers big savings on popular items.  Whether or not you want to risk your life for a new TV is your choice.  But if you’re going to go to Black Thursday Night this year, you might want to come prepared.

Drinking Water: Dangerous?

Story by Patrick Feyen

Do you live in town?  If so, you may be wondering why your water tastes so strange.

Believe it or not, the city of Sandpoint now gets their water from lake Pend Oreille, and some of the pipes that the water now flows through are made of wood. This wood is stuck to the other pipes with animal fat and have been coated with tar on the inside, this is the reason your water tastes so strange.

Wooden pipes have been common since at least the 1500s, and have been found in several big cities and most are still in operable conditions, but what are the health risk that the tar water brings? Is your throat feeling a little flemmy? The tar might have something to do with it, although it may not be the same tar as in cigarettes, but you can be sure there will be similar health problems after drinking this contaminated water for extended periods of time, but hopefully the city will fix this issue as soon as their attention is brought to it.

An anonymous source who works with water pipes was quoted as saying “We are aware of the problems with how our water moves about through the city limits, and will be working to correct this error within the coming year.”

Big cities such as New York, have been experiencing these similar problems, but their city has also been trying to fix the issue whereas Sandpoint has not done much, or even addressed or publicized that we are using these outdated ways of transporting our water that we are being contaminated by how our water is being moved. You would think more people would know about this issue, but when you have a local paper that does not present the facts in most instances and even when argued with will not even address factual errors, why would they publicize something that may not be beneficial to their business.

The way wooden pipes work, at least back in the days when they were first introduced, they were coated on the inside with tar, and stuck together with animal fat.

Many people who when asked whether they though the pipes would turn out to be dangerous immediately said they would be switching to bottled water and drink as little city water as they could possibly at a time.

Although this new development in our small town may be alarming to most, the water is also being treated to remove the nasty things that would usually come from a lake, and everyone who has been interviewed has said that the water, at least once it leaves the treatment plant should be exceptionally safe for human consumption, there should be no ill effects to this extent, but can the same be said for the same water once it has traveled through our complex water system? That’s for everyone to decide for themselves, at your own risk.

The Byway or The Highway

Story by Hali Aller

Imagine you’re on the verge of making a big time business deal for your company; this deal will hopefully impress your boss, making you big bucks and perhaps a big promotion. You’re driving down highway 95 towards the meeting all the way across The Long Bridge, your running just behind schedule due to traffic; you can’t afford to lose this opportunity. Traffic is still jammed, if only there was a faster way. All of a sudden, BAM!! A new byway is created, allowing you to cut through traffic and slide on through Sandpoint to your

meeting. What a life saver. You reach your destination, only to look at the clock and notice you are 20 minutes late, the deal is lost, they’re not going to waste their time on someone who’s late. If only the byway was created sooner, only then would you have made it on time and strike on that big time deal.

The Sand Creek Byway began construction in 2008, with many struggles along the way, construction ended in 2012; allowing us to get through town quicker and avoid traffic. Many have been saying the byway has improved our town greatly.

Mala Saied, a senior from Forrest Bird Charter school comments, “I like how it separates the big hauling trucks from those who drive little town vehicles. It allows us to enjoy going to through town for a drive about, without dealing with big trucks blocking our view.”

“It’s convenient for the town, I haven’t been here that long, but it’s sure a nice way to get through town without actually going through town,” says teacher Mrs. Logan from FBCS.

“I like it because it allows me to get to practice on time, which is out at Cocolalla, being a coach I have to be there before the kids, and before the byway I was always minutes late, which leaves me little time to get prepared

Photo by Hali Aller: Heading home on South Bus.

and ready,” addresses Rae Aller mother of student at FBCS.

The byway has improved our town greatly, but it took a little longer than planned. This project was supposed to end two months before schedule, which was in 2010, but with many construction problems and weather conditions, it wasn’t finished until 2012.

This year the Idaho Transportation Department nominated the byway for America’s Transportation Award.

“We had a number of major factors in completing it and still we were able to complete it ahead of schedule,” said Mel Coulter, a spokesman at ITD’s Office of Communications in Boise.

Others are shocked.

“Really?” said Mark Webber, teacher at Forrest Bird Charter School, “They’ve nominated our byway, even after all the problems they had with it?”

Yes, and now it’s been named best project in the highway/bridges category by the Engineering News-Record Mountain States.

Even though there were many benefits that came with the new road, after the problems that cost us more money to fix, do you really think the byway should be called the best project?

“Best project? Well, I wouldn’t call it the best, for there have been other ideas put out and even taken into action that may have or has improved our town far greater than the byway, but really after all the problems that took place while under construction with the byway, I don’t think it should be even nominated for best project,” says student at FBCS.