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Halloween at FBCS… Story By Iris Grayson

Halloween at FBCS was all together an eventful day.

Halloween is a Celtic holiday that is now usually associated with receiving candy and dressing up in costumes.

The decorations around the school were curtsey of the student council, everything ranging from spider webs in the entrance, to bats and ghosts hanging from the ceiling. There were noise makers going off in the entrance, and mouse silhouettes on the front desk as well.

The Halloween costumes at FBCS ranged from the Joker, to a Minion in a coconut bra, to original characters.

The Judges of the costume contest consisted of Paul, Wendy, Michael, and Mary. The winners of the costume contest were Gabe Walden, as a trashcan, for most original; Sierra VanGaundy as Flynn Rider, and Yakira Jones dressed as Rapunzel from Tangled.

Though they weren’t the only ones with impressive costumes, there were Joellie Heneise, Juliet Harrison dressed up as Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy, Joker and henchmen, original characters such as Barnaby Abrahams and Emmet Gilligan, Zacharie from Off, and many, many others. Student Council also gave the kids going to the lock in a treat, as they had to pay less money if they were wearing a costume on Halloween. They gave this as a way of thanking everyone for celebrating school spirit.


The pumpkin carving contest ended up having three contestants and three winners. There were pumpkins painted, and carved. Though a total of one of the pumpkins was carved for the pumpkin carving contest. The one carver was Holly’s entire advisory. While the painters brought theirs in by themselves.

One pumpkin was white and had melted crayon art falling from the top. The other was a pumpkin painted like a woman’s face with Day of the Dead make up. The carved pumpkin was a smaller frowning pumpkin inside of a larger pumpkin with square holes carved through it. All three contestants ended up winning the contest and all received a mug filled with candy.


Day of the Dead was also on Tuesday the 2nd and Wednesday the 3rd, and it is the days after Halloween. Day of the Dead the holiday is also called Día de los Muertos is a Spanish holiday that honors the dead in a celebratory way. The multi-day holiday is to commemorate, friends and family who have died, and those who still need help gaining access to the spirt world.. The day usually is decorated with marigolds, and sugar skulls.

Please remember to be positive that the candy you do eat is sealed, and unopened, as it may contain dangerous substances, or objects inside if they are already opened.

Forrest Bird Charter School would like to give a thank you to everyone who participated in providing school spirit by dressing up, carving pumpkins, and competing in the contests.

Concealed Carry… Story By: Iris Grayson

At the beginning of July Boise, Idaho has received a new law. Those of the age 21 or older have a right carry a concealed fire arm without a permit inside the city limits. This law also has some restrictions as well, for instance you are not allowed to carry a concealed in any of the following: Courthouse, Juvenile detention facilities, Adult correctional facilities, Prison, Jail, Privet schools, Charter schools, and Public schools.

This gun is showing off the American red white and blue. Photo By: Huffington Post
This gun is showing off the American red white and blue. Photo By: Huffington Post

A concealed permit allowed a person to carry a small fire arm, such as a handgun, on your person, or in close proximity to yourself, in a public space.

The new law is the result of decades of work to liberalize gun laws in Idaho. Already one of the states with some of the most permissive gun laws in the nation. The law even states that caring a concealed fire arm is even allowed in the state capital.

Despite giving his signature Governor C.L Otter expresses concern about the right to carry a concealed fire arm from those who are at a lack of education, and/or requirement to fire such a weapon. Though other states are already the law are Alaska, Arizona, Kansas, Maine, Vermont, Wyoming, and West Virginia.

C.L Otter states”Such a safeguard would seem to be part of the Second Amendment’s ‘well-regulated’ standard. What’s more, the addition of a simple training requirement in this bill could have addressed the concerns of our valued law enforcement leaders and others who cherish both the shooting culture and the safety of shooters and non-shooters alike.”

It is legal for adults of age 18 to carry a firearm outside the city limits. It is still illegal for people under the age of 18 to carry any weapon, firearm or not. The ability to carry a concealed firearm permit is still in motion, and if one is received the ability lasts a total of five years.  Though no test must be taken for the right to carry concealed firearms.

The concealed fire arm law is passed in Idaho. Photo By
The concealed fire arm law is passed in Idaho. Photo By

““Out here in the West, most people have grown up with guns – they see no issue,” said Vaughn Killeen, executive director of the Idaho Sheriffs Association and the former longtime sheriff of the state’s most populous county. This year, the Sheriffs Association, which long had concerns about permit-less concealed carry, backed the new law.” (The

“I’m pro-gun – I think you should be able to carry them,” Haug said, he also stated, “I’m concerned that we don’t have people with a good education about how to properly carry a weapon, how to protect it, when to use it and when not to use it.”

Haug noted the 2015 incident in which a two year old found his mother’s gun in her purse, while shopping at Walmart in Hayden. The young boy shot and killed his mother. The mother had a concealed gun permit.

“We’ve had a couple of incidents,” stated Haug, “we want to prevent those tragedies.”

“We’re so close to Washington and Montana, so in order for them to go either direction, they have to have a permit,” Miller said.

Free Range Shooting… Story By: Lauren Stidham

Free Range Shooting… Story By: Lauren Stidham

At the Scene... Jack Yantis’ bull lying on the side of the road. Photo By: Pro Liberate
At the Scene… Jack Yantis’ bull lying on the side of the road. Photo By: Pro Liberate

November first, 2015. A free-range bull was hit by a station wagon in Council Idaho. The small car did not have enough force to kill the animal and instead left it injured, confused, and mad as could be. As it ran around, charging at whoever got too close, all dispatch called rancher Jack Yantis. Yantis was the owner of this 1.25 ton beast and was asked to come put it down before it could cause further damage.

This was a routine action. Yantis’ cows had been hit before in this free-range corridor. Like all the other times, he grabbed his 204. caliber rifle and went out to the scene. But, two deputies arrived first.

When the deputies , they opened fire on the bull with their 9mm and when that didn’t work and only agitated the bull more, one officer used a M16. Most people who have dealt with cattle would know that unless shot at just the right spot, both of these weapons will only injure the animal and make it suffer for a long time before it finally bleeds out and dies.

Jack Yantis, along with his nephew, Rowdy Paradis and wife Donna Yantis, came to the highway only to see that the sheriff’s deputies had arrived first. They wanted to put the bull down in a humane way. Yantis came up to the cow and positioned himself to shoot. However, before he could shoot, one of the deputies came up and grabbed Yantis’ shoulder. During the motion, Yantis’ rifle discharged once.

Family Man... Jack Yantis holding one of his grandchildren. Photo By: New York Times
Family Man… Jack Yantis holding one of his grandchildren. Photo By: New York Times

After the discharge, the deputies shot Yantis twice, once in the abdomen, once in the chest. After shooting, the deputies handcuffed and pinned Yantis’ relatives to the ground who were also on the scene. Yantis’ relatives were not assist him. Instead he was left to bleed to death similar to his bull dying next to him on the side of the road. During the commotion, Donna Yantis had a heart attack. She was brought to a hospital and kept there for a while. During this time, she missed her husband’s funeral.

The FBI and Idaho State Patrol are currently doing an investigation on this incident, trying to see if any state criminal violations or any federal violations occurred.  They have given no timeframe of which they will be done, which is a violation of the sixth amendments, the right to speedy trial.

But why did this happen? There is such a contrast between the interview with former police officer Patrick Pezzelle and this story. (see story) Pezzelle stated that he had five hostage situations during his career and all of them ended with no casualties, injuries, or shots fired. “This was accomplished because we had a plan in place to contain the suspect, control the environment, and [establish] communication with the suspect…We prepared to use force, but only as a last resort.” Said Pezzelle. Now a hostage situation seems more severe than a bovine in the road. What is the difference? Why did the five hostage situations go so much better than this story?


How safe is your Water?… Story By: John Holmes

How safe is your Water?… Story By: John Holmes

The contaminated water of Flint…can be seen while a city employee flushes a fire hydrant. Photo by: CNN.
The contaminated water of Flint…can be seen while a city employee flushes a fire hydrant. Photo by: CNN.

Water is a vital resource to a community. But, do we know how safe our water actually is? Residents of Flint, Michigan, had suspected a bad water supply after local officials decided to switch from the town’s original water line. The town was paying for the original line – running from Lake Huron. Two years ago, city officials decided to switch the water supply to Flint River – a river that runs through town, notorious for its filth. The switch was due to a financial crisis for the town.

Though the water looked and smelled suspicious, residents of Flint were told by city officials that the water was fine. It wasn’t until August of last year that a contamination of the city water was discovered.

A research team from Virginia Technical Institute conducted several in-home tests of the drinking water. Their findings indicated elevated levels of lead in the water. In relation to the lead, there is also a high capacity of iron. The Flint River water supply is 19 times more corrosive than the Lake Huron supply, according to the Virginia Tech. (For more about the Virginia Tech’s involvement, see here).

Several Flint residents are involved in a class-action-lawsuit against the state of Michigan, including former governor Rick Snyder.

But what about our own water? Is it safer than Flint’s?

Idaho’s water…pretty clean, isn’t it? Photo by: Idaho Conservation League.
Idaho’s water…pretty clean, isn’t it? Photo by: Idaho Conservation League.

According to the City of Sandpoint’s most recent Water Quality report, the two water sources used by Sandpoint residents are Sand Creek and Lake Pend Oreille. There are no lead contaminants running from the sources, though the pipes do contain lead. However, the lead content is well below the maximum limit of 15 parts per a billion – ranging in at an average 3.33 parts per billion. (For more on Sandpoint’s water supply, see here).

The report also states that there have been no violations of Federal standards.

Also, if you use a well on your property, it is relatively simple to test your water. Here are some directions to test your well water. So, Idaho residents, you need not worry about your water.

New Sandpoint Crisis Line… Story By: Harry Henderson

New Sandpoint Crisis Line… Story By: Harry Henderson

People who are having a hard time with something in their lives and just need to talk it out are encouraged to call the crisis line no matter what time of day and express their feelings and to have a safe place to talk about what is going on with someone who is there to listen. -Photo by: jessscott
People who are having a hard time with something in their lives and just need to talk it out are encouraged to call the crisis line no matter what time of day and express their feelings and to have a safe place to talk about what is going on with someone who is there to listen.
-Photo by: jessscott

Sandpoint has a new crisis line that will be open after hours and is available when the current crisis line is closed. It will be open from 5pm to 8am and will be staffed by licensed Idaho mental health clinicians. The health clinicians will earn minimum wage and will work in 15 hour shifts answering phone calls. The North Idaho Crisis Services after hour line opens Friday, January 15th, 2016. The crisis line has enough funding to go on for about another nine months thanks to the partnership that NAMI Far North made with Bonner’s Partners in Care Clinic, the group is seeking donations to reach their 20,000 goal. The group asked if the local government would give them funding to keep them going, but there has been no response.

Catherine Perusse, crisis director for National Alliance for Mental Illness Far North wants the crisis line to be a place that people can call anytime and someone can be there to prevent a crisis before it gets out of control. She says that the crisis line can help with calls to the hospital or 911. Perusse said that there is a major lack of resources in the area and the crisis line’s goal is to show data that proves the town desperately needs resources.

With the implementation of the new after-hours crisis line people are welcome to call any time of the day with anything that is bothering them and a certified mental health clinician will be there to listen and respond with helpful encouragement to resolve any issue, if a crisis arises the clinician will be there to talk anyone down from potentially injuring themselves or others. -Photo by: lifelineh2h
With the implementation of the new after-hours crisis line people are welcome to call any time of the day with anything that is bothering them and a certified mental health clinician will be there to listen and respond with helpful encouragement to resolve any issue, if a crisis arises the clinician will be there to talk anyone down from potentially injuring themselves or others.
-Photo by: lifelineh2h

A few Forrest Bird Charter School students agree they should make their money strictly through donation and corporate funding, and that the tax payers shouldn’t have to foot the bill for a crisis line that they might never use. Many of the students that I interviewed liked the idea of an after-hours crisis line if it is going to be beneficial to the community and possibly stop people from doing bad things. The students think that it would be beneficial because it will provide jobs and improve the community, but many of my peers believe that Sandpoint really doesn’t need an after-hours line because there isn’t a lot of crisis in Sandpoint. In all, the students that were interviewed believe that a crisis line is a good idea in that it may help people get through hard points in their lives and it may stop people from doing things that they might regret, also it is good for the town because it will provide jobs for residents, but there might not be a lot of demand for a crisis line in a town that doesn’t have a lot of crisis.

Local Community in Uproar… Story By: Lauren Stidham

Local Community in Uproar
Story By: Lauren Stidham

Men, women, and children are desperately fleeing wars in Syria. “For many, the choice to embark on such dangerous journeys seems the only way to give their children a chance of survival and safety.” – UNHCR. Out of the Syrian population, 4.3 million of them are refugees and 6.6 million are being displaced within their own country. Half of those are children.

Man carries girl from the ashes... This young man carries Syrian girl from the rebel of a heavy shelling attack on the Douma neighborhood of Damascus on June 16, 2015.
Man carries girl from the ashes… This young man carries Syrian girl from the rebel of a heavy shelling attack on the Douma neighborhood of Damascus on June 16, 2015. Photo By: Latin Times

So how is America helping these refugees? As you probably know, the US is helping refugees by taking them into our country and supporting them with our resources. As a nation, the U.S plans on taking in 10,000 refugees this year. Even though that is a nice little number, it is quite petty compared to the situation at hand. There are close to eleven million people that are being moved from their homes, and America is taking 0.07% of them. Eventually we hope to bring in a total of 30,000 but even that is still 2% of the total.

But even though the U.S. is only taking a small part of the total burden, how will this look for the cities and culture of America? Most people instantly jump to the security risk factor. The argument for this is that we are bringing in many people who are of the same religion and race as many terrorists that have viciously launched attacks on America and her allies.

In order to try to keep an event like that from happening again, the government has put into place a background/vetting system. The refugees have to pass a series of tests so that we can ensure that they shouldn’t be a threat to society. “It is not a perfect process. There is a degree of risk attached to any screening and vetting process. We look to manage that risk as best we can,” Nicholas Rasmussen, director of the National Counterterrorism Center, said. (FOX news)

So even though the U.S. has a basic screening process that refugees must go through, it is still possible that there will be mistakes. An argument against this is that since 9/11 the United States has taken in 784,000 refugees from around the world and only three of them have been arrested for crimes related to terrorism none of them were anywhere close to actually committing an attack against America. However, not very many of these people were from religions that members had declared war on our nation in the name of their god.

The truth... This picture depicts the true conditions of which Syrian refugees live in. Photo By: MyCause
The truth… This picture depicts the true conditions of which Syrian refugees live in.
Photo By: MyCause

So it is debatable whether the refugees could prove as a risk to our country, we really can’t say. There is evidence that supports both sides. “People fear what they don’t understand…” – Andrew Smith. America can’t truly know or predict if the refugees will be a threat. But the things that can be predicted and even known include how much it will affect the economy, how much resources the U.S. will need to support them, and possibly what cultural differences it will make if refugees are to be placed in a place like Sandpoint.

Have you ever tried to find a job in Sandpoint? It may not be impossible but it isn’t overly easy either. For a few years after the refugees come, it would be much harder to find an open job for teens and other people without complete and specialized education. Suddenly there would be approximately 350* more people competing of the same jobs that high schoolers and college students want too.

Then there is housing. Where could Sandpoint possibly fit an extra 700* people? Each family would need a home that would suit their own specialized needs. The refugees don’t just need housing for 700* people, they would need housing for a large group of families. Maybe the refugees would need three five-bedroom houses, two four-bedroom houses, six studios, and ten tree-bedroom houses. The city couldn’t simply provide them one or two large buildings to all live in, because it would create a very segregated culture.

Then, if we were successful in creating a non-segregated housing situation, in order to maintain that culture Sandpoint would need to equip the schools. The schools would need teachers that could speak Arabic and English fluently so that we could effectively teach the students. The question is, where can the schools find these teachers? Arabic isn’t a commonly spoken language and not only that, but the few who do speak Arabic are likely to not be qualified teachers.

Next, Sandpoint must observe the additional resources needed to effectively provide for the refugees. They would need food, clothing, proper tools for their religion, and transportation.

Obviously food would be a huge factor, for a long period of time, the refugees would not be economically stable enough to afford food. The same applies to proper clothing, perhaps they would have some clothing with them, but it is most likely that they would not have winter boots, jackets, gloves, and hats. What about transportation? Either the government would need to upgrade the Spot buses or somehow provide them with vehicles. Now this would all add up to a major bill, but who would be funding it? Would it be footed with tax dollars? If so, just about think how much taxes would have to go up.

What about their religious needs? They would need a place to pray and worship, but how could it ever possibly be funded through tax dollars? Really, there is no constitutional way to do that.

Should Sandpoint Embrace Syrian Refugees?

  • No (53%, 21 Votes)
  • Yes (48%, 19 Votes)

Total Voters: 40

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Times are Changing…Story by FBCHS Journalism Class

America is Changing... I came across the dead mall phenomenon in the United States and question the class on some of the radical changes I am seeing just in my lifetime in the culture. This article is a reflection on what they see.
America is Changing… I came across the dead mall phenomenon in the United States and questioned the class on some of the radical changes I am seeing during my lifetime in the American culture. This article is a reflection of what they see.

What’s Next?

We live in what is called the Y generation. This generation is one that invokes the questions of; ‘why work?’, ‘why earn money’, and ‘why wear decent clothes’. These questions then form new ones, and it becomes a total domino effect as time passes. People in my generation don’t view as getting their first car as a freedom, a ticket to getting away from their suffocating parents. No, now kids are seeing cars as a standard, a name tag, a label, and stereotype. The more expensive, the cooler your car is, the more you are paid attention to and people will notice you more. We have drifted into a generation of being lazy, addicted to electronics, buying whatever we want, and really not caring about a lot of things.

Being detached from people and addicted to things such as the newest iPhone. People becoming so dependent on nonliving things is worsening health, personal relationships, mental health, and people’s abilities to survive in this world. It’s as if everyone is like a child. They still need to be coddled by their mother, protected by their father, have their family’s money to support them, and the comfort of an electronic. It’s quite a depressing things to me that we have turned into this rather shameful generation. Of course I can’t say that I’m not on an electronic a lot, or having my phone on me all the time, but I do understand how it’s unhealthy to be addicted to them. To me, fighting with your parents is better than being on an electronic because at least you’re able to verbally express yourself, feel human emotions, and are able to see and hear the person quite clearly.

Since my generation is the future of this world, I’m quite worried to be honest. I mean, who will be able to succeed in life if all they care about is having the best of the best, being able to hack into electronics, or do things related to electronics only? People who lack real life experience flounder as they get older. Soon they will turn to someone who has supported them before. Then they will become dependent on that person or people. Being dependent on someone whenever you meet a challenge in life shows how weak and vulnerable the human race is. We are able to adapt, to form to our environment. We as properly functioning people can handle things differently than animals or infants. As adults, or even young adults, we are able to get in touch with our emotional side and deal with things, grow from experiences, and learn how to survive in this world properly.

We won’t have people to protect us for our whole life. We need to learn to look up from the computer screen, go outside, breathe fresh air, have fun, hang out with friends, and get a job, an education. I truly believe that we need to ditch the title of ‘Generation Y’ because the longer we have that title, the more people will adapt to it. Turning around this generation will be hard. After all nothing is really easy in this world. Having less addictive electronics in life can help people learn from hands on experience, become healthy, happy, and live better lives. Sure, people will trip and fall, maybe scrape a knee or hand, but that pain will help shape them into a person they can be proud of. Hey, you never know. Maybe the first person who truly begins to try and turn our generation around might end up as our president. Anything is possible, as long as you look up from the screen long enough to imagine it.


Is Our Culture Changing?

Is our culture changing? Between the dead malls and shift in technology, I would say yes. While our culture hasn’t changed drastically, it has changed; technology’s advances, age norms, and the open mindedness of my generation are great examples of how our culture is changing.

I’ve been inside a mall a grand total of 15 times. In the past, the mall is where you went to meet friends and find a date. Over two dozen malls have been shut down in the past two years, and it is estimated that 10-15% of malls in the US will be shut down within ten years. This is due to the advancements in technology, we no longer need to drive to the mall to meet our friends, or to even shop. We used to be more social creatures, technology has taken out the face-to-face aspect of many teens lives. In the 1800’s women would be married very young, around the age of 13 or 14, and begin having children shortly after. In the 21st century 25 is the average age for, first, marriage and pregnancy. 10 years is a huge difference, so is the openness we have around the LGBT community. Most of my friends are gay or Trans, and in our world today they are accepted.


Times are Changing

The times are changing in a way unlike ever before. It is the truth, we are turning into a society that is based on innovation and technology. The question is, is this a turn for the worse or not?

If you peel back the appealing top layer of luxury that comes with the innovation and technology, I believe you find an uglier result. Although it is non-intentional, I think our culture is becoming a place where you as a person do not matter as much, it is all about what you can offer.

Now of course, people like employers don’t care so much about you as a person as they do your capability to get the job done correctly. That is how it has always been, and always will be. What I am saying is that perhaps these innovations will slowly take away some of our basic social capabilities. Things like understanding, judgment, and some character could easily be taken away by our dependence not on each other, but our technology.

Already ethics have changed. More and more people are taking the easy way out. From online shopping to broken relationships, people are making every shortcut to make things more comfortable and easy.

The effects of this are showing even in newspapers. Reporters go for hype and yellow journalism just to make their stuff more appealing, they use an “anything for another five readers” type philosophy. News is their own personal shortcut to fame.

The next question we must ask now is: What do we do about it? Or how could we do anything about it? After all, if the world is changing, is there really anything we can do about it?  Should we revert from the old ways and simply become the next generation? Or can we take a stand for what used to be?

For now all we as a newspaper can do is supply a genuine feed of solid news and do our best to be our best.

1% Sales Tax Pro… Story by Charlie Harrison

1% Sales Tax Pro… Story by Charlie Harrison

The memorial field grandstands are falling down. The structure was built in 1946, so it has been serving the community for almost seventy years. In the past ten years however, the grandstands have failed numerous health and safety tests, with the score dropping every year. Now, the grandstands are set for demolition with no way to stop it. The only question now is what should replace them.  A 1% sales tax increase has been voted on and approved by 60% of voters to fix memorial field. If the sales tax was not approved, the structure would be replaced with nothing but cold aluminum bleachers. The bulk of the money from the tax will be going towards the grandstands, but a lot of the money will also be going into fixing the field itself, including completely replacing the old drainage system and repairing the infrastructure. Any extra funding will go into the

Out with the old... the 1% sales tax will raise money for new bleachers.
Out with the old… the 1% sales tax will raise money for new bleachers.

other city parks such as Sandpoint ‘City Beach and Travis Park.

There are several exemptions to limit the tax on low income and vulnerable households. For instance, gas and diesel are exempt, along with prescriptions and many medical devices. Food stamps are also exempt, and out of state shipments. Utilities will also not be taxed. It is worth noting that the increase will raise Sandpoint’s sales tax to 7%. While it sounds like a lot, it is actually well below the national average of almost 10%. The tax cannot be used for anything but the parks, and can’t last for more than five years without voter approval.

The next Stadium will be designed to be very low maintenance and cheap to run. It is also designed to last for at least another fifty years (and probably longer). The reason people failed to produce the money before was because most of the money came from corporate sponsors, who had to back out for financial reasons. The old stadium was built in 1948 and it has seating capacity for 900 people. However, town population has tripled since then. The new stadium will have capacity for 1500 people. This means the grandstands will be less overcrowded during games and we will be able to sell more tickets. The same goes for the festival at Sandpoint, a major music festival in the pacific North West. The University of Idaho stated that festival has an estimated $2 million direct impact on our community.

And in with the new... Sketch of what the new bleachers will look like.
And in with the new… Sketch of what the new bleachers will look like.

The grandstands will be able to seat more people so the festival will be able to sell more tickets. More tickets will bring more out of town and out of state money into Sandpoint for festival season. Instead of overbooking our field, leading to overcrowded conditions, which we have done in the past, we can provide Sandpoint residents and out of towners alike with a larger, more comfortable stadium for everybody to use. Memorial field brings economic activity into Sandpoint during games such as baseball, football, soccer, and other community sports events. It brings in tourist money for our massive festival that routinely sells out. I think it’s about time we rebuilt it to make sure future generations get to use it too.

What does an extra 1% sales tax in Sandpoint really mean?.. Story by Marcus O’Cyrus

What does an extra 1% sales tax in Sandpoint really mean?.. Story by Marcus O’Cyrus

An extra sales tax for Sandpoint, Idaho was recently passed by the city, but why?  After listening to the commercials, I was deeply moved toward a community effort to rebuild the grand stands at Memorial Field and that everyone could afford to pay an extra 1% sales tax to make it happen over the next 5 years.

Investopedia Breaks Down the Regressive Tax... Sales Tax is a regressive tax that negatively impacts the poor and lower middle class compared to the upper middle class and the wealthy.
Investopedia Breaks Down the Regressive Tax… Sales Tax is a regressive tax that negatively impacts the poor and lower middle class compared to the upper middle class and the wealthy.

But, what is a sales tax anyways?  A sales tax is a tax on all purchases. A sales tax is also known as a regressive tax.  It actually harms more people economically, especially those of lower economic status.  A regressive tax takes a larger percentage of a person’s income if they are poor or lower middle class compared to the wealthy.  It is not a tax the wealthy care about since it doesn’t impact them as much as someone living from paycheck to paycheck.  Just looking at the signage in front yards while driving into work each morning, I noticed the more affluent neighborhoods were sporting their support of an extra sales tax while the more economically depressed neighborhoods did not.  It is also a known fact that people of more affluent lifestyles participate more in politics than those who struggle to get by.

What will this increase in sales tax do? Well, most people not in support of the sales tax will move their shopping to Ponderay for the next 5 years.  The economically depressed part of Sandpoint will most likely move the rest of their shopping requirements to Ponderay as well.  How will that affect the businesses of Sandpoint if the majority of the community of local patrons takes their shopping to Ponderay? It’s unfortunate that the wealthy in this case have passed the buck on paying for their dream grand stand onto everyone else in Sandpoint as a community effort.  If this was truly a passion of the 1% supporters, why didn’t each of them donate 1% of their yearly income each year to pay for a new stadium?

I find it ironic that many of the people who are paying for the grand stands will be sitting outside the fenced area to hear the Sandpoint Music Festival.  While those wealthy, cultural elite enjoy the new grand stands from those who can’t afford to even attend the concerts.

The majority of the argument for the one percent increase was trying to play off the idea that the grand stand is not about the music festival, but for the football games played there.  One commercial went so far as to talk about the muskrat bowl.  The argument is also flawed when looking at the value of the grand stand.  Many people in the Sandpoint area do not attend football games, which is a school sanctioned event from the same school district that bullied Bonners County into a property tax increase of 14 million dollars over the next two years and has done this more than once.

Many people say the sales tax will be supported by the tourists, which is false.  The majority of tourists who come to Sandpoint may stay for a week or two at most.  While the locals remain here week after week footing the bill for the tourists who come here to enjoy the facilities the locals are paying for with their grocery purchases.

Something has gone horribly wrong here in Sandpoint when a minority can become a washed in tax generated funding without any fiscal responsibility to the people they are deriving their funding from.  Instead they use that same funding to pay for signage to convince or guilt the community to pass the next tax upon themselves, and yet, we fall for it every time.

Check out this website for some great information: