Bird Eye Challenge

Bird Eye News has started an “eye challenge,” where we took photos of ten people’s eyes (two from each grade and two staff). Whoever matches the most correct eyes to the respective names will get a a drink from the vending machine, courtesy of Bird Eye News and Mr. Webber… Post your answers in the comments!

Eye Bank: Mr. Webber, Davey Breakey, Lydia Martin, Ms. Vickie, Juliet Harrison, Reese Litster, Sydney Chouinard, Davan Gilmore, Wyatt Moor, Morgan Moorse

  1.   EYE9

2.    EYE4

3.    EYE6

4.    EYE5

5.    EYE2

6.    EYE3

7.    EYE7

8.    EYE8

9.    EYE1

10. EYE


5 thoughts on “Bird Eye Challenge”

  1. 1. Juliet Harrison
    2. Davan Gilmore
    3. Reece Litster
    4. Ms. Vickie
    5. Mr. Webber
    6. Morgan Morse
    7. Wyatt Moor
    8. Sydney Chouinard
    9. Lydia Martin
    10. Davey Breakey

  2. Guessing on a few, but
    Mr. Webber 5
    Davey Breakey 7
    Lydia Martin 3
    Ms. Vickie 6
    Juliet Harrison 1
    Reese Litster 4
    Sydney Chouinard 9
    Davan Gilmore 2
    Wyatt Moor 10
    Morgan Morse 8

  3. 1= Juliet Harrison 2=Lydia Martin 3=Davan Gilmore 4=Reese Lister 5=Mr. Webber 6=Morgan Morse 7=Davey Breakey 8=Miss Vickie 9=Sydney Chouinard 10=Wyatt Moore

  4. Just to be clear, you should match up the eyes to the people by commenting here.
    For example, I might say 1: Juliet, 2: Webber, 3: Wyatt…. etc.
    We will review them and whoever matches them all first will get the prize.

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