Eat Fresh... Subway is an easy place to get to in 30 minutes or less. Photo by

30 Minutes or Less… Story By: Alistair King

30 Minutes or Less… Story By: Alistair King


Still here... Even after almost being moved it's still here. Photo By
Still here… Even after almost being moved it’s still here. Photo By

One of the privileges of being an upperclassman is that we get to go off of campus for lunch. But where we can go in 30 minutes is quite restrictive. Some choose to go to Subway or Burger Express, while others risk Dominoes or going to a grocery store. Junior Emily Hieronymus shares some of her strategies.

“There are two different ways that we can look at lunch, either bringing your own or going out to eat. Eating here is easy if you bring your own lunch, but waiting in catering lines can be the same as going out to eat time wise. Going out is great if you think that you can make it in time. I often order ahead of time at dominoes and have it be ready by the time that ill be there.” The places that are close enough are: Safeway, Super 1, Dominoes, Both Starbucks, the Express Lane, Dubs, Jack-in-the-box, Subway, and Winter Ridge.

Another Junior Wyatt Huckaby says that the “Ultimate Strategy” is to; if you are able to, leave the class period before. Trying to get to Subway at 11:35 creates a huge mess and it takes them forever to make your sandwich. Making food here is sketchy at best as Wyatt describes, “I’d be a little afraid to use the microwaves; some students blew up a cup of noodles by using no precautions whatsoever. Some of the places that he thinks are greatest for the lunchtime half hour are Babs, Subway, Catering, and Burger Express if your willing to take a shot. If you are able to leave early Jack in the box would be a good location.


Eat Fresh... Subway is an easy place to get to in 30 minutes or less. Photo by
Eat Fresh… Subway is an easy place to get to in 30 minutes or less. Photo by

Some of the main places to go are nigh inaccessible without a car. But the best places to reach would be running to Subway or Babs. If you don’t want to spend all the time waiting for your subway sandwich you can go to and order online 15 minutes early. Babs often has order by slice pizza’s that you can get right off the rack. This is a great option if you don’t mind regular slices and only a few pieces.

Finally, if you’re thinking of any of these strategies make sure that you able to get back to class in time. Quite a few students drive cars around here and are willing to take you just about anywhere for a couple dollars. Ask around before going blindly running to Super 1 only to make it back halfway through third period.

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  1. Joel’s isn’t that far off if you can drive to it, but you would have to order by phone as they get very busy during the lunch rush.

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