Drugs Changing Your Life

By Neome Ruffing

We see it on TV every day, Drugs are everywhere, all over the world. Mostly, we see famous people using drugs and ruining their careers. Drugs can take control of your life if you let them. Celebrities like Lindsay Lohan, Miley Cyrus, Drew Barrymore, Macaulay Culkin, and Ashley Olsen are known for drug stories. Our childhood idols are changing their personalities so suddenly that we don’t even understand what happened. That was my reaction when I heard about Miley Cyrus and her life-changing performances.

Miley Cyrus’ life seemed to be a perfect world. She had a career, a fiancé, family and friends. Little girls dreamed about having her life and were jealous.

“What happened Miley?” Now lots of people are asking “Why is she doing that? Is she on drugs? That’s not the Miley we know”. That’s what almost everyone is thinking, but do you know what she is going through? She broke up with her fiancé because he seemed to be having an affair with another woman. Her relationship of many years, and long-term show, Hannah Montana, are simultaneously over.

Miley started to change her lifestyle. She doesn’t care what people are thinking about her. She doesn’t have to be perfect. She’s doing whatever she wants to do. So, she started to smoke weed and to twerk.  Twerking is basically exotic dancing. You remember her performance with Robin Thicke at the VMA’s ? The general opinion about Miley Cyrus is crazy, but she’s not. She is still the same, only a few different views than a year ago. People judge her because of that performance but why? She’s being herself, she lives her life, and she doesn’t hurt anybody?

We all know about drugs. But, do you know all of the mainstream drugs? For example, the new trend drug ‘krokodil’.  The drug is easily made from codeine, iodine and red phosphorus. The street name in Russia for homemade Desomorphine is “krokodil”. You only have to take this drug once, and you are already addicted to it. It has its name, because it changes your skin. The skin looks green, just like crocodile skin. And it could gets worse, your skin opens. In bad cases, you can see your bones. If you try this drug, it is your doom. Most users of krokodil are dead within 2 years of using.

And do you know Molly? Maybe you’ve heard about ‘her’. It’s the club drug ecstasy. Sold from $15 to $50 a dose.  This illegal white powder is on the rise in popularity with the support of popular artists whose lyrics describe it as one of the party drugs to take. It gives you the ‘feel-good’ feeling for three to six hours. Many users find themselves overdosing too easily and many have died. Only a few days ago two young women died in a club because of molly. Having Molly as a friend, might not be a good thing for everyone.

Molly’s good friend Mary Jane is also very big this year. It’s Cannabis, also known as marijuana. This drug is meant to be a kind of medicine, but lots of people use it for other reasons. Cannabis is often consumed for its psychoactive and physiological effects, which can include heightened mood or euphoria, relaxation, and increase in appetite. Unwanted side-effects can sometimes include a decrease in short-term memory, dry mouth, blushing of the eyes, and feelings of paranoia or anxiety. The best spot to get Mary Jane is Amsterdam, the Netherlands legalized Marijuana.

An anonymous resource started smoking cigarettes and weed when he was eleven. He also tried weed, cocaine, alcohol, special mushrooms, heroin, molly, ecstasy, lsd, dmt, just to try it. It was his decision and his friends didn’t care: ‘I wouldn’t change it, I am glad that I tried it. I don’t regret it at all’. We can find these people everywhere. They might not look like it, but they still could be a ‘druggy’. We can’t judge them because of their look.

Here are some other celebrities, who took drugs. We all remember Lindsay Lohan as the cute little girl from ‘the parent trap’, the cool teenager from ‘freaky Friday’, and ‘mean girls’. Now we see her on TV only if she did something wrong, again. She got caught driving her car when she was drunk and takes coke. The officers at jail already know her, she spent around 90 days in jail because of drinking and vandalism.

Another one is Mischa Barton, the OC California Star gone wild, she has gotten more press for drug use than for acting. Her marijuana possession has kept her in the spotlight.

The next one is Drew Barrymore. Child star Drew Barrymore’s drug abuse in her teenage years found her controversial fame with two trips to rehab that motivated her to get back on track with her career. Mischa and Lindsay should take her as an idol. If they can’t take the stress from being in the spotlight, they should choose another career. Not everyone is meant to be for this business.

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