IPhone 5S ! Samsung Galaxy S4 ! Who’s the winner ?

Story by Charles Guénard

On September the 10th, Apple launched the brand new iPhone 5S.  But at the same time, Samsung replied with its latest smartphone : the Galaxy S4. They have just been released on the market days ago, but a war is already announced between these smartphones who can be both considered as the best. The question that can be asked is : what is the best ? Through this article who will develop and compare each device with the design, the performance and all important stuff, you will be able to make your idea.

With the design, the iPhone 5S has a stronger  structure than the galaxy S4, the glass of the iPhone 5S can resist to an important shock. The Galaxy S4 is just built in a plastic slab. Speaking of the color, the iPhone 5S is proposed in 3 colors : gold, silver and space grey.  Samsung’s smartphone proposes a removable back.

The drawback of the smartphone is the battery life because it doesn’t last for long, Apple and Samsung have tried to improve with that with their new products. Samsung talked a lot about the battery life of the galaxy S4 and presented it as “an amazing improvement”. Apple was very discreet about that, but after many tests, it has been proved that the iPhone 5S will last longer than the Galaxy S4 : 10 hours of Internet LTE for the iPhone 5S against 6 hours for the Galaxy S4.

The size of the screen of the iPhone 5S is the same than the previous iPhone. The galaxy S4′ screen is much bigger than the one of the iPhone 5S. The Samsung product will be better to watch videos, surfing on the web and playing games, it has a 1920 x 1080 pixels’ display.

For the performance, the iPhone 5S has all-new A7 chip. It also got a 64 bit architecture. Apple insure that these features will double the performance compared to the previous iPhone. Apple showed these performance with the new game Infinity Blade 3. This demonstration let people think that the gaming performance of the iPhone 5S will blow away what has been seen with the Android games.

With the iPhone 5S, Apple introduces the new Software iOS 7, the notable feature is the control center who make the main setting easier to access.  The Galaxy S4  has what has been called the TouchWiz, it promises to give you notifications faster while busy. It also propose a clever multitasking interface : 2 apps can run on the screen at the same moment.

While introducing the iPhone 5S, Apple talked a lot about the ID touch, a fingerprint scan. This way, the smartphone can be unlocked only by the owner, “thinking foward”, that’s how Apple describes this feature.  The Galaxy S4 proposes the Air gestures, the vocal assistant which is clever than Siri on the iPhone 5S.

It’s impossible to talk about these phones without speaking of their camera. The Galaxy S4 will give your better results in terms of definition and resolution. But in terms of quality of the picture and the video, the iPhone 5S will give you amazing results with his iSight camera. Moreover, the iPhone 5S offers a slow motion recording : a whole new feature in the smartphone history.

IPhone 5S or Galaxy S4 ? It’s time to make your choice !

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